Military Members Oppose Forced COVID Vaccinations

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Earlier this month, the Pentagon announced that members of the United States military will be required to get vaccinated against coronavirus. This latest mandate comes after encouragement from President Biden and a series of mandates rolled out in order to force this vaccine upon Americans.

Some of the military have already received the COVID vaccine; although, others have not. Since the Pentagon announced the COVID vaccine mandate, members of the military have spoken out against it.

According to Breitbart News, a growing number of military officials are warning that Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate could have serious adverse impacts on America’s Armed Forces.

Opposing Forced COVID Vaccinations for the Military

Like many U.S. civilians, a good deal of military officials don’t want the COVID vaccine forced upon them. Several members of the Armed Forces who have spoken with GOP Rep. Thomas Massie maintain that commanders’ pushes to force the vaccine on military members serves as “borderline harassment.”

Service members are also indicating that they may have to re-evaluate certain things if there is no way for them to opt out of getting the COVID vaccine. Other service members have outrightly declared that they will leave the military if they’re not able to receive an exemption from the COVID vaccine mandate.

Additional folks in the military maintain that this vaccine isn’t a one size fits all, nor should it be treated as such. Furthermore, there is also the warning that the COVID vaccine mandate may prevent future individuals from signing up to serve in the military.

Resisting Forced Vaccinations

The time to push back against forced vaccines is here. As many civilians and military members note, forcing people to get medical procedures is wrong. The Biden administration has been very clear that they believe mandates are the best way to ensure compliance; however, the precise opposite is proving true.

For one reason or another, many Americans do not trust this COVID vaccine. Mandating this shot isn’t increasing trust either; it only makes people warier and more suspicious.

When something is really a good idea, it doesn’t need to be forced or mandated onto people. If the COVID vaccine was as good as the hype, people wouldn’t need to be threatened or told they’ll lose their jobs or be unable to enter public spaces if they don’t get the vaccine.

None of this adds up or makes sense. The reality that all these mandates are about is control, rather than health, is becoming more apparent with each passing second.

What do you think about members of the military speaking out against mandatory COVID vaccines? Do you think service members will be able to get exemptions against the Pentagon’s latest mandate? Share your thoughts about this with us in the comments section.

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