Missouri Blocks Enforcement of Biden’s Gun Control

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President Biden is more than eager to trample on the constitutional gun rights of the American people. Biden has no regard for the Second Amendment whatsoever; this is why he passed executive orders on gun control and continues pressuring Congress to pass gun control legislation. 

What this president apparently doesn’t know, however, is that his executive orders only have so much reach. Moreover, states’ rights are very much existent and this administration only continues bringing to light the importance of states’ rights. 

Since Biden’s time in the White House, multiple Republican governors have acted to protect their citizens from the president’s tyrannical executive actions.

Just yesterday, Missouri Republican Governor Mike Parson passed legislation barring the state from enforcing Biden’s anti-gun orders, as reported by Breitbart News

No Federal Gun Control in Missouri

Governor Parson made clear this weekend that Biden will not dictate sweeping gun control in the state of Missouri. The Second Amendment Preservation Act, also known as HB 85, bars law enforcement officials in the state from enforcing Biden’s federal gun control orders. 

In a statement, the Missouri governor made very clear why he is backing HB 85. Parson stated that throughout his careers in both law enforcement and as governor, he’s ongoingly shielded both the Constitution and Second Amendment rights.

As such, the Second Amendment Preservation Act ensures that the federal government may not usurp Missouri residents’ rights to protect their lives, loved ones, and property with firearms. 

Similar Action from Other States

Missouri is far from the only state in America to take a stance against Biden’s executive orders on gun control. 

Nebraska, for instance, declared itself as a sanctuary state for the Second Amendment on April 14. Likewise, Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey signed a bill back in April that bars the enforcement of federal anti-gun laws in the Grand Canyon State. 

In May, Idaho GOP Governor Brad Little took similar action; Governor Little signed legislation prohibiting Idaho law enforcement from upholding Biden’s executive orders on gun control. 

States’ rights matter…and in light of this administration, it is very important for states to protect themselves from tyranny. President or not, Biden does not have the power to shred the Second Amendment; all the executive orders in the world cannot override the United States Constitution, regardless of how much Biden may wish otherwise. 

As the Biden presidency continues, there will likely be plenty more instances that leave Republican governors in the position to protect their state residents. 

What do you think about Missouri taking a stance against Biden’s attacks towards the Second Amendment? Do you believe this administration is inadvertently showing the importance of states’ rights? Be sure to let us know your thoughts and viewpoints in the comments section below. 

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