New MIT Study Renders Social Distancing Pointless and Ineffective

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For over a year now, Americans have been told by health officials that six feet of social distancing is paramount to keeping COVID-19 at bay. Many businesses therefore blocked off every other table to comply with six feet social distancing; grocery stores now have signs taped to the floors urging folks to stay six feet away from each other. 

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As time goes on, questions about the coronavirus mitigation strategies have come up. Some Americans took the liberty of questioning the science and effectiveness of certain guidelines. 

As it turns out, though, social distancing isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. According to Newsmax, a new Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) study renders social distancing as woefully pointless and ineffective. 

The Ineffectiveness of Social Distancing 

In the study conducted by MIT, the results revealed that indoor coronavirus transmission has absolutely no bearing on whether or not individuals stay six feet apart or 60 feet away. Additional MIT findings revealed that not much benefit exists to social distancing, especially between individuals who are wearing face coverings. 

According to applied mathematics and chemical engineering teacher Martin Z. Bazant, “no physical basis” to social distancing exists. This is due to the reality that air which individuals breathe with masks on rises and falls in different places in the room; therefore, the exposure to the “average background” is greater than an exposure risk to individuals who are however many feet away. 

Bazant additionally informed CNBC this month that many places which have gone on lockdown never really needed to do so. The professor also stated that the scientific basis for capacity limits is simply not sound; instead, Bazant maintains that what truly makes a difference is air ventilation, the size of a given space, and how long folks are in said spaces. 

Getting Back to Normal

The new MIT study is a game changer for sure. It also shows that many of the so-called experts like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx were wrong as countless Americans suspected. 

Many of the leftists to scream that Americans must obey the experts no matter what are now silent about the latest social distancing study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Time will tell whether or not this study leads to more businesses relaxing social distancing measures and no longer blocking off tables. 

What do you think about the latest MIT study on social distancing? Let us get your thoughts down below in the comments section. 

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