New Poll: Americans Largely Ready to Move Past COVID

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For about 19 months now, health officials and pro-mandate people have ridden the COVID wave, milking this virus for all it’s worth. They’ve shut down folks’ jobs and businesses, demonizing small business owners who protested against the adverse impacts of lockdowns.

Health officials haven’t hesitated to rally behind any measure that entails mandates, control, and intrusion in people’s lives. However, after 19 months of this insanity, the tide is turning…and health officials aren’t going to like it.

Breitbart News is drawing attention to a new poll; this poll indicates that more Americans believe the worst of COVID is largely behind the United States as a whole.

Where the American Public Stands on COVID Today

A fresh poll publicized by Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group shows very clearly where the American public stands regarding coronavirus. At this time, 63.1% are of the view the virus is becoming “less serious”; by contrast, only 26.1% opined the virus’ seriousness is increasing.

71.5% of Republicans and 74.5% of Independents agree COVID is becoming less serious. However, fewer than five out of ten Democrats share this view. Once again, this poll shows where Republicans and Independents are largely unified, Democrats are broadly living in a different world.

47% of Americans collectively stated they do not believe the likes of President Biden, Tony Fauci, and health officials want to back off mandates and restrictions even as the virus wanes. Just 36.9% stated they do believe the aforementioned individuals favor loosening edicts as the virus subsides.

Most Independents and Republicans do not think officials want to back off restrictions as the virus declines; however, most Democrats have precisely the opposite viewpoint.

Putting an End to COVID Mandates

The numbers from the above poll are very clear. Most American citizens agree the worst of COVID is behind the country. Americans are going out, gathering in groups, and otherwise exercising the innate freedoms that come with being in the United States.

Biden, Fauci, and other pro-mandate tyrants are on their last run, for all intents and purposes. They’ve gotten just about as much control and power out of COVID as they can get.

Left and right, Americans are standing up and revolting against COVID vaccine mandates. In-N-Out refused to enforce vaccine mandates in San Francisco, California. Meanwhile, Southwest Airlines backed down from its original plan to put unvaccinated workers seeking exemptions on leave without pay.

Growing numbers of individuals are standing up and saying enough with the mandates. Leaders and officials who continue using this virus to attack freedoms and force more government control are not going to get the outcomes they’d like.

Do you believe the worst of COVID is largely behind the United States? Do you believe public health officials are really interested in loosening mandates and restrictions even as the virus becomes less of a problem? Let us know in the comments field below.

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