New Poll Isn’t Looking Good for Democrats

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President Biden and his cohort of leftist acolytes are messing up everything they touch. The Biden administration is consistently failing the nation; meanwhile, they have the audacity to declare themselves as doing great things for the American people.

Biden’s low poll numbers nationwide and across different individual states show the public isn’t falling for the lies from the White House. These polls additionally indicate the country is sick of living with the mess that Biden is making for the country.

Right now, Democrats are in the middle of trying to pass several measures that are not at all popular.

Some examples of these measures entail paying illegal immigrants $450,000 each in taxpayer money and simultaneously trying to have the IRS look at individuals’ bank accounts if they have more than $10,000 per year going through the accounts.

Washington Examiner has since drawn attention to yet another poll that is bad news for both President Biden and the Democrat Party.

The NBC News Poll Democrats Should Worry About

NBC News host Chuck Todd, who is far from a conservative, declared this poll’s latest findings as frightening for Democrats. Todd furthermore conceded the American public has lost faith in the current president.

According to the NBC News poll, 71% of Americans maintain the country is on the wrong track. Only 22% declared the nation is on the right track. Todd then revealed that even most Democrats believe America’s not on the proper course.

Later, the NBC News poll revealed Biden’s approval rating stands at just 42%, while a whopping 54% disapprove of the president. Todd also noted this is a drastic difference from months ago when Biden managed to keep himself in “positive territory.”

Todd went into further details, though. The NBC News anchor explained Republicans are leading Democrats on national security, the southern border, crime, inflation, and getting matters done.

By contrast, only 37% of Americans believe Biden has what it takes to deal with a disaster and is efficient and competent. Meanwhile, almost a majority of Americans hold the polar opposite view.

The Truth of the Matter

This latest poll from NBC News speaks volumes. This poll comes from an arguably left-leaning network, not Fox News, Breitbart, or Newsmax. The poll reveals the longer the Biden presidency persists, the worse it gets.

That’s not an exaggeration when more than seven in ten voters maintain America is not on the right track. That speaks volumes and it furthermore shows Democrats are losing support from their own voter blocs.

Democrats, however, still remain in denial. They’re still trying to pass Biden’s unpopular agenda through Congress. They’re still echoing ridiculous talking points the president made last month, declaring America is on the right track.

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