New Poll Means Bad News For Kamala Harris’ Political Future

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The longer Vice President Kamala Harris’ tenure goes on, the worse things get for her. Already, the vice president has been at the center of multiple negative and controversial reports.

Harris, for instance, waited months after Biden put her in charge of fixing the U.S.-Mexico border to actually visit the area. Then, when Harris took time to see the border, she steered clear of the worst areas. 

Things have not improved since this; in fact, they’ve only worsened. Many Americans believed that Harris was unfit to come anywhere near the Oval Office; however, she has proven the concerns of her critics and then some.

Now, Newsmax confirms that a recent poll means very bad news for Harris’ future in American politics.   

The Trafalgar Poll that Has Everyone Talking

According to a Trafalgar poll taken earlier this month, few Americans are confident that Harris is ready to become president. According to the findings, merely 22.2% of the nation stated that the vice president’s job performance thus far has led them to believe she’s ready to be commander-in-chief. 

By contrast, a whopping 63% declared that they do not have confidence in Harris’ readiness to be America’s commander-in-chief. This collective 63% includes 42.6% of Democrats and 83.8% of GOP members. It truly speaks volumes that almost half of Harris’ own political party doesn’t believe she could rightly handle the presidency. 

Harris’ dismal poll numbers come as surveys also indicate that public dissatisfaction with President Biden is on the rise. Harris, for her part, hasn’t been doing much to quell this dissatisfaction.

In fact, there are rumors of staffers for the vice president being forced to work in toxic, abusive environments; of course, the White House is discrediting any unfavorable reports regarding the vice president.

This comes as no shock, seeing as the White House has had to work overtime to fend off negative press as of late. 

A Trainwreck in the Oval Office

The problems in the White House extend far beyond the vice president herself. This ultimately boils down to the White House being full of an incompetent administration that does not know how to successfully lead the nation. 

That’s why crime is going up, as Democrats fight with one another over whether they should defund the police still. The failures of the Biden-Harris administration also explain why more than 90% of Americans are concerned about the increases in costs of living. Meanwhile, the U.S.-Mexico border remains overrun with illegal, deadly drugs. 

The Biden-Harris administration, in six months, has proven itself to be an utter trainwreck. This explains why Biden and Harris each have such abysmal poll numbers. 

What do you make of the latest Trafalgar poll about Vice President Kamala Harris? We want to read all about your perspective in the comments section below. 

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