Newsom’s Time as California Governor May be Ending Very Soon

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California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has utterly failed the state he is supposed to be leading. Between heavy taxes and regulations, California is one of the least business friendly states in America. It also doesn’t help matters that California residents could soon be facing government-imposed water restrictions.

Newsom, at this time, is also facing a recall. The recall vote is happening because Newsom has allowed homelessness and other problems to run rampant; Newsom also used the COVID pandemic to institute draconian mandates that he himself didn’t even abide by. Many residents of California are fed up and they want better from their governor.

According to Washington Examiner, polling indicates that Newsom’s time as the governor of California could be coming to a close very soon.

The End of Newsom’s Term as California’s Governor?

Ballots for California residents to vote in the recall election are already being sent out. Newsom has railed against the recall, branding it as nothing more than a Republican-led attempt to throw him out of office; however, Republicans are far from the only people backing the recall of Newsom.

Polling from FiveThirtyEight shows that 47.6% of Golden State residents support firing Newsom. This means that only a slight jump in recall support is necessary for California to get a new governor.

Even left-wing political operatives are admitting that the situation doesn’t look so promising for Newsom. Meanwhile, GOP political operative David Gilliard explains that Republicans are far more “motivated” in the recall election, whereas Democrats are largely indifferent. Therefore, if more Republicans than Democrats vote in the recall, Newsom is finished.

Gilliard furthermore informed that coronavirus is not the leading issue in this recall. Matters regarding living costs, crime, homelessness and gas prices are relevant. Meanwhile, unaffiliated voters and Latino voters remain largely supportive of tossing Newsom out of the governor’s mansion.

A Close Call

Many Americans are hoping to see Newsom recalled; however, if there’s one certainty about this upcoming election, it’s that the vote will be close either way. Amid the impending vote, reports have surfaced that President Biden and Vice President Harris plan to campaign for Newsom.

The movement to recall Newsom is a grassroots initiative and a very long time coming. Time and time again, the California governor has failed in one area after the other. A testament of this failure is the reality that California recently lost congressional seats to Texas and Florida, two states that Newsom has derided.

Do you think the movement to recall Gavin Newsom from the California governorship will succeed? Would you like to see Newsom recalled and replaced by a Republican governor? Let us know your thoughts about the latest polls and information below in the comments section.

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