Obama Now Swooping in to Save Biden’s Failing Presidency

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At this point in time, everyone is very well aware the Biden presidency is nothing short of a hot mess. This explains why the president’s support ratings keep getting lower in every single poll that comes out.

It also explains why Democrats are going to be relying on Vice President Harris, rather than President Biden, to try to get women voters and Independent voters to turn out for them during the 2022 midterms.

Even the White House knows Biden is a disaster. This is why there have been multiple occasions where White House aides stopped Biden from answering questions from the media. It’s why the president was given flashcards during one of his press conferences months ago.

With the walls closing in, Biden is now forced to call upon former President Obama (his old boss) to try and come to his rescue, as Washington Examiner documents.

Can Obama Save Biden?

According to a politically Independent analyst, Obama is the golden ticket for Democrats who are needing to beef up support. This goes for not just President Biden, but also for Democrat candidates in various races across America.

In the weeks to come, Obama is set to travel and meet with various individuals and activists on climate change matters and similar initiatives. Behind the scenes, Democrats are hoping Obama’s presence will help iron out the countless kinks Biden’s created in less than nine months of being president.

The White House remains pretty tight-lipped on this matter. Earlier in the year, press secretary Jen Psaki noted that Obama and Biden are good friends who remain in regular contact with one another.

Beyond that, it doesn’t appear as though the White House is keen to admit they need Obama to try and save what’s left of Biden’s credibility and failed presidency.

Too Little, Too Late?

As president, Biden has caused immense harm to the nation. Even with the return of Obama, there’s only so much that can be done to mitigate the mess Biden’s made.

Because of Biden, inflation, supply chain issues, and staff shortages are some of the worst threats facing the economy. Due to the president’s botched immigration policies, human traffickers, drug smugglers, and illegal border crossers are having a field day.

Biden is the president. He has no one to blame for the messes he’s made other than himself. This comes on top of Afghanistan, the ongoing crime crisis, and a litany of other examples that are too plentiful to cite.

Obama or no Obama, Americans should expect to see Biden’s approval ratings keep falling.

Do you think Obama has it in his power to save Biden from the complete disasters he’s created for himself, the country, and the Democrat Party? We’re excited to read your opinions in the comments section below.

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