Overwhelming Support For Trump Proven By This Key Indicator

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Let’s face it: the need for Donald Trump, his MAGA agenda, and his approach to foreign policy is greater now than ever before — even during his first campaign.

The palpable decline and general feeling of discontent hanging over America’s head as the Biden administration thrusts us into a multitude of failure both home and abroad is both daunting, unrelenting, and unmistakable.

In only one year without Trump, war has broken out, soldiers have unnecessarily lost their lives, pandemic restrictions continue to destroy economic prospects, and people seem generally…ill.

Joe Biden and liberal, progressive, far-left Democrats are a sickness and we’ve all been infected.

Luckily for us, Trump has withstood ongoing legal, political, and financial attacks which would undoubtedly destroy a weaker more spineless politician. He demonstrated yet again the kind of leadership that America needs to survive the precarious events that seem to happen in rapid, debilitating succession on a daily basis.

The Former President attended Sunday’s Conservative Political Action Committee in Orlando, Florida where he gave a rousing speech to a conservative audience of supporters both young and old.

Trump truly brought down the house for an hour and a half. In the speech, he addressed the failings of Biden’s administration and all the trappings of “left wing fascism” that plague us today.

His words must’ve had a great impact because the infamous straw poll taken at ever CPAC revealed Trump has grown in dominance within the Republican Party.

Fifty-nine percent of the CPAC participants voted for Trump, while just 28% checked DeSantis. Two percent voted for Mike Pompeo.

Trump increased his lead from last year when he polled at 55%, four points less than 2022.

Unsurprisingly, 99% of participants disapproved of Biden’s job performance. Of the 99%, 98% “strongly disapproved” of Biden.

When respondents were asked what the great threat is to America, 61% said Joe Biden, 35% said China, and three percent said Russia.

The three most important issues for the CPAC participants were election integrity (49%), border security (48%), and constitutional rights (43%).

Trump is needed now more than ever and, as it appears, more than half of the country would concur.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney

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