Paid Family Leave Axed from Biden’s Social Spending Bill

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Biden and progressive Democrats in Congress are doing everything they can to pass more costly spending legislation into law. They’re trying to make this happen in spite of the economy already being in a dire position.

Recently, polls have shown Independents in America and even some Democrats are growing more worried about Biden’s ability to get the economy back on track; however, Biden doesn’t seem too bothered about the economy being a total mess.

In Congress, progressive Democrats are butting heads with the moderates in their party; the moderates are Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Breitbart News is reporting Manchin’s opposition to the excessive spending in legislation forced Democrats to remove paid family leave from the bill altogether.

Manchin vs. Progressive Democrats on Social Spending

The West Virginia senator has conveyed many times he will not support a spending bill that goes above a $1.5 trillion price tag. However, Biden’s bill in its original form shakes out to $3.5 trillion.

Manchin’s not going for a bill this expensive and he’s made sure his colleagues in Congress and the president knows it. Democrats cannot pass any bill without Manchin’s vote.

First, they tried lowering paid family leave from 12 weeks to one month; however, after Manchin maintained his opposition, Democrats removed paid family leave from the legislation altogether.

This move is already engendering outrage from certain progressive lawmakers, such as Bernie Sanders. Sanders complained removing paid family leave from the legislation could result in Americans losing their jobs if they have to stay home with their children.

Interestingly enough, however, Sanders hasn’t at all been vocal about the Americans losing their jobs over COVID vaccine mandates. The amount of spending progressive Democrats want comes as the economy is already struggling with inflation, low consumer confidence, and a supply chain crisis.

Manchin Holds All the Cards

Because the Senate is split into a 50/50 divide between Republicans and Democrats (and because Democrats have abandoned the notion of working with the GOP), the left needs every single vote from their party members.

Because Manchin’s vote in Congress can literally make or break legislation, he holds all the cards. Paid family leave isn’t the only proposal that Manchin’s been hesitant on.

The West Virginia senator has furthermore voiced his qualms regarding hefty taxes on billionaires and the expansion of Medicare. This already has progressives whining and trashing Manchin on Twitter; however, Democrats will not get a single bill passed without Manchin’s vote and they know it.

Paid family leave being removed from the legislation also serves as a major blow to President Biden.

What do you think about Democrats being forced to withdraw paid family leave from their social spending legislation? We’d like your input below in the comments area.

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