Pelosi In Meltdown Mode As Even More Democrats Flee Her Grasp

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With every week leading up to 2022, we learn about yet more Democrats who are retiring from Congress. Most recently, Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL) announced his ‘reassignment’ that is taking him away from his congressional duties. On the same Tuesday, Representative Brenda Lawrence (D-MI) issued a video on Twitter that similarly announced her departure from the congressional body.

The Congressional Leadership Fund was put off guard by the announcement from Lawrence, calling it a “shocking development for a senior member” in light of the fact that she had recently run for a leadership position last Congress.

According to The Detroit News article from November 2020, Rep. Lawrence campaigned for a leadership position inside the party to act as a liaison between existing leadership and rookie Democrat members who had served fewer than five terms in the House. She would also have been part of the Steering and Policy Committee.

The position was taken by Colin Allred (D-TX) who narrowly snatched it from Lawrence at the time.

Communications Director for the CLF, Calvin Moore, also spoke out regarding Lawrence’s unexpected retirement: “Democrats hoped to hit the brakes on their retirement crisis, but instead they’ve thrown it into overdrive.” He said he believes that “Democrats can’t quit Congress fast enough” due to the certain knowledge that they will be overtaken in the coming election cycle.

Radical Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib is the replacement candidate for the recently redrawn 12th district that Lawrence represented.

As reported by Politico’s Sarah Ferris, the departure of Lawrence came as a surprise to some but not to others who noted that the recent redistricting “virtually eliminat[ed] her current seat.”

Political analysts are predicting that Republicans will gain total control of the House in the coming 2022 elections. Last wee, Cook Political Report showed that most races favor Republican control.

Author: Anna Martin

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