Pelosi Slammed for “Drunk on Power” Mandates

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Earlier this week, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) essentially admitted that coronavirus vaccines are useless. They admitted this when stating that individuals who are fully vaccinated still need to wear face coverings because of the spread of the Delta variant. 

This is an indirect, yet clear, admission that the COVID vaccines are not as “effective” as they’ve been marketed to be. If the vaccine was truly effective, there wouldn’t be immunized people catching the virus, nor would the CDC be stating that vaccinated Americans need to get their masks back on. 

Following the latest news from the CDC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chose to reimplement the mask mandate for House lawmakers. Pelosi even gave Capitol Police the green light to arrest lawmakers who are not wearing face coverings. 

This resulted in Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz slamming Pelosi as being “drunk on power,” Breitbart News confirms. 

Sen. Cruz on Mask Mandates and Pelosi 

Cruz stated that the mandates enacted by Pelosi fall into the category of “abusive.” The Texas senator also made a point of noting that fining lawmakers and threatening them with jail time if they refuse to wear a mask is beyond the pale. Cruz described this as “abuse of power” and something that Pelosi is doing for political grandstanding reasons. 

The Texas Republican didn’t let the CDC off the hook either. Cruz lambasted the CDC for calling upon vaccinated individuals to wear masks; he stated that this is nothing more than the CDC using politics as a form of corruption against science. 

Finally, Cruz brought his speech to a close by declaring that Americans are within their rights to choose to work, attend school, and otherwise live their lives. This is something that continues to come under attack from the likes of Biden, Fauci, Pelosi, and the CDC.

They’ve been clear that indefinite masking and shutdowns are their endgame. This is why the goalposts move each week without fail. At this point, Americans have some decisions to make about what we collectively will and will not stand for. 

Ending the Power Trip

Pelosi, right now, is implementing mask mandates and calling for the arrests of unmasked lawmakers since she is presently House Speaker. One way to change this is by Republicans winning back control of the House of Representatives and sending Pelosi packing. 

From here, House Republicans can vote on a new House Speaker and this power trip of “mask up or get arrested” will come to an end. This is yet another reason why the 2022 midterm elections are so pivotal at this point in the nation. 

What do you think about Sen. Ted Cruz’s remarks on Nancy Pelosi’s mask mandate for House members? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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