President Biden Seeks To Send More Aid to Ukraine, Regardless of Whether US Can Afford It

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Russian President Vladimir Putin thought his little war would be over in a few weeks. But the Ukraine war has raged for over six months, and it looks like it will not be over any time soon. President Joe Biden’s reluctance to get involved in defending a long-time ally is disheartening to all Americans that want to come to their defense. But Putin’s nuclear threats have played a part in how others respond.

The insanity of Putin’s war is causing a lot of trouble for people that want to help. For Biden, the decision not to get involved was easy for him to make. He secretly supports Putin’s move to subject a relatively free nation to dictatorship-style rule. But on the other side, he has to appear that he opposes the war to gain favor with American voters.

The only thing the president is willing to do is to send money and help train Ukrainians to fight. He is unwilling to send troops to battle the Russians because he does not want to ruin his relationship with Putin.

The president and his supporters have decided that they should send more money to help finance the war. An additional $3 billion is set to be sent to Ukraine so they can buy more drones and other weapons they need to fight back against the Russian military.

Newsbreak reported, “The total of the aid package — which is being provided under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative and is the largest to date— could change overnight, but not likely by much. Officials said that it will include money for the small, hand-launched Puma drones, the longer-endurance Scan Eagle surveillance drones launched by catapult, and, for the first time, the British Vampire drone system, which can be launched off ships.”

Joe Biden is not up for long-term conflict involvement. He does not have the stamina or the mental ability to wage an effective war against a powerful enemy. But sending money gives him a way of claiming he is helping the Ukrainian people, regardless of whether it’s something that the US can afford or not.

Jens Stoltenberg is the NATO Secretary-General. Newsbreak also reported that Stoltenberg mentioned, “Winter is coming, and it will be hard, and what we see now is a grinding war of attrition. This is a battle of wills, and a battle of logistics. Therefore we must sustain our support for Ukraine for the long term, so that Ukraine prevails as a sovereign, independent nation.”

Stoltenberg is just another version of Joe Biden who is willing to commit money but not physical ground support. Extra troops on the ground would be enough to push Putin back across the border. But many liberal world leaders are unwilling to stop the spread of evil because they have a hand in its growth and development.

The atrocities committed by Putin’s military strikes have him marked as a war criminal. Russian troops have pelted Ukrainian towns with bombs that have killed thousands of innocent people.

The Ukrainian military has stopped the advances of the Russian military but has failed to push them back. Outside involvement would tip the war in favor of Ukraine. But a weak American president and a slothful NATO leader are unwilling to lend a hand to help put an end to the death and destruction.

The United States has sent just over $10.6 billion to Ukraine already. They have also received several shipments of weapons to help fight the advancing Russian army. But all the money and weapons in the world will not help unless there are people to fire the guns. Ukraine needs more than money. They need military help on the ground to start the process of destroying the Russian army.

Ukrainians fear that the Russian military will start attacking innocent civilians because of the war stagnation. Putin has resorted to criminal activity to give his military an edge in fighting the Ukrainian people. And he is not afraid to threaten nuclear involvement to keep things moving in his favor.

The question really is, how much more can we afford to give without going all-in?

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