President Biden’s Base Quickly Turning Against Him

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Barely a fraction of Biden’s presidency is over; yet, disaster continues to strike again and again. 

Americans can look at the Southern border as one glaring example of Biden’s failed leadership; the economy is another unfortunate instance, as well. As this president spends like there’s no tomorrow, inflation is on a historic surge. The cost of living is becoming more and more expensive, prompting a lag in approval of this president. 

Everyone knows that Republicans take issue with Biden; however, the ineptitude of this president is so massive that even his own base is rapidly turning against him, as Townhall documents. 

A Drop in Democrat Support for President Biden

Last month, a poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos showed that Democrats have grown increasingly disillusioned with President Biden since the month of April. Approval ratings for Biden’s handling of the economy have fallen by multiple percentage points over the past couple of months; meanwhile, disapproval of Biden’s economic agenda is progressively increasing. 

In layman’s terms, the longer Biden’s White House tenure drags on, the more apparent his lack of fitness becomes, along with the danger of his policies. 

The higher costs of living are having increasingly negative impacts on this president and rightfully so. Biden’s liberally irresponsible spending has only decreased the value of goods and eroded spending power in the United States; this, along with the increase of prices across the board, is the last thing Americans need, especially when coming out of a pandemic. 

Democrats, thus far, have explained away certain terrible consequences of the Biden Administration (like lost Keystone Pipeline jobs and the border crisis); however, the increase of living costs in the United States hits Republicans and Democrats alike.

Gas pump fees don’t care whether someone voted for Biden or Trump in 2020. 

The Undoing of President Biden? 

Biden, at this time, is in a position that is politically disastrous for him. Since setting foot into the Oval Office, Biden’s made it abundantly clear that he has no interest in bipartisanship or serious work with the Republican Party. Therefore, this eliminates any chance of moderate crossover support. 

In the same breath, the 46th president is also ticking off the very base of voters that got him elected. If Biden can’t win over his own base, he doesn’t stand a chance of winning a second presidential term; ironically, this could end up being the one silver lining towards saving the United States from utter ruin. 

What do you think about new poll showing that Democrats are turning on Biden? Do you believe Biden will be able to change the current shift that is happening in light of his leadership? Give us your insight and views in the section for comments below. 

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