Psaki Bombs Again — Reporter Refutes Her Endless Lies

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Jen “let’s circle back” Psaki is known to obfuscate, lie, and shield the truth of what’s really going behind the scenes in Biden’s administration.

Despite Sleepy Joe’s promise for transparency, his red-headed mouthpiece fails to deliver the goods on a daily basis, often leaving out key facts and details with very little pushback from reporters.

However, that changed on Tuesday and one reporter called her out for failing to provide an adequate answer to his very basic question.

The White House press secretary got into a heated exchange with a reporter from the New York Post when he asked about a December report that alleged White House COVID-19 advisors were briefed by experts about pandemic response strategies and were told they should ship free rapid tests to households ahead of the holidays in case of a new surge.

The report stated that members of Biden’s team were briefed on the plan, which was ultimately rejected, but did not explicitly state that Biden himself was briefed or made the decision not to send the tests.

Nelson asked Psaki whether or not Biden was briefed now that the White House is sending tests to Americans for free starting this month.


Rather than answer directly, Psaki rattled off a list of actions the president had facilitated and emphasized that the administration was following through now with sending out free tests.

Nelson pressed Psaki over her non-answer, asking again if Biden was briefed at the time: “How can President Biden shut down the virus if he’s not being briefed on these ideas … was President Biden briefed on this idea at the time?”

Psaki again deflected, this time showing signs of frustration as she claimed to have answered Nelson’s question.

“That’s not the question I asked,” Nelson hit back, before trying one last time to get an answer.

However, Psaki said she had already answered it and that he should move onto something else or she would move onto another reporter.

The Biden administration is currently rolling out a plan to allow Americans to order free COVID-19 rapid tests online that will be shipped to them by the Postal Service starting later this month.

Meanwhile, it’s incredibly obvious just how unprepared they were even though Biden warned of a winter of “severe illness and death.”

Author: Asa McCue

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