Putin Exposes Biden Regime As World War III Hangs In Waiting

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When Vladimir Putin has pinpointed a weak point in U.S. leadership and it happens to be the cognitively deficient commander in chief.

The staggering weakness of Joe Biden and the progressive regime he’s amassed over the past year has significantly reduced America’s fighting power on the world stage. Under Trump, no such weakness existed. But as we enter into the official downfall of the what was once the single greatest country in the world, America’s adversaries are circling like vultures, hoping to take advantage of our current downfalls.

[source: The Daily Caller]

However, Joe Biden thinks he can play ball with the big boys (a serious mistake.) Russian President Vladimir Putin asserted that the U.S. was attempting to pull his country into a war in Ukraine.

“Their most important task is to contain Russia’s development,” Putin said of the U.S.

 “Ukraine is just an instrument of achieving this goal. It can be done in different ways, such as pulling us into some armed conflict and then forcing their allies in Europe to enact those harsh sanctions against us that are being discussed today in the United States.”

Putin made the comments while at a news conference with Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary, marking the first time since December 2021 he had spoken publicly about the Ukraine crisis, the NYT reported.

Russia has amassed up to 130,000 troops along the Ukrainian border, accusing the West of creating a security risk and demanding NATO rescind its promise to let Ukraine become a member. It has also told NATO to decrease its troop presence in eastern European countries that were once a part of the Soviet Union.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki compared Putin’s claims to “when the fox is screaming from the top of the henhouse that he’s scared of the chickens,” asserting that Russia is “the aggressor.”

“I will leave it to the Kremlinologists out there — budding, professional, amateur or otherwise — to read the tea leaves and try to interpret the significance of those remarks,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price said.

Biden has officially shifted U.S. foreign policy. No longer does our country portray strength through competent leadership. We now go in like wolves and leave like lambs.


Author: Asa McCue

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