Russia’s Troops are Showing Signs of Folding

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The war between Russia and Ukraine has gone on for months. In fact, it has gone on much longer than most ever suspected. Ukraine has been a stronger force than anyone anticipated – including Russia.

Ukrainian forces have gotten a lot of help, and not just from the U.S. They’ve needed the help because there is a fear of what Russia would do once they took Ukraine. They could easily come for Poland and various Baltic states – and no one wanted to see that happen.

Now, it seems that Russia is showing true signs of distress. Over the weekend, Ukraine was able to make some seriously impressive moves.

Ukrainian forces have experienced success on the Kharkiv City-Izyum line in the past few days. And whatever confidence that Russian troops had are quickly diminishing.

Mike Martin is a military expert who decided to share his insight on Twitter over the weekend. “It looks like the last few days have been the most consequential of the Ukraine war. After what we’ve seen over the last 72 hours the collapse of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine doesn’t seem a long way away.”

The Ukrainians are making some impressive moves – and that includes getting the Russian troops to flee Izyum.

Russian morale has taken a bruising. And over the past several months, we’ve heard from quite a few members of the Russian military that they don’t even believe in the war. And those that did didn’t expect to have to fight this hard.

The Russian military has had to go on the offensive, and that includes the Russians moving its troops over to the Donetsk region.

Does it mean that Putin will be announcing defeat anytime soon? Probably not – and he has just partnered with North Korea to obtain more weapons.

Igor Konashenkov is a spokesperson for the Russian defense military. According to the Associated Press, he claimed that the moves being made by the Russian troops are “to achieve the stated goals of the special military operation to liberate Donbas.”

That claim doesn’t mean much – especially when a similar claim was made earlier in the year when Russia failed to capture the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.

The British defense ministry spoke about this past weekend’s maneuvers, explaining that Ukraine was able to surprise Russian forces. And now, it appears that Ukrainian troops may be threatening Kupiansk, another town in Russia. If they are able to accomplish this, it will be “a significant blow to Russia because it sits on supply routes to the Donbas front line.”
Russia is aware of what’s going on, which is why it looks as though troops are being deployed to Donbas. The question is whether they will get there in time – and if they can create a strong enough offensive line to hold off the Ukrainian troops.

Fortune reported that Russia is also experiencing “crumpling support” for President Vladimir Putin. Many don’t want to see the war go on any further than it already has. Municipal deputies within Moscow worry that Putin’s actions are sending the country back to the Cold War era.

There have been cries for Putin to resign. If he does not, it is possible that he will be impeached – and lawmakers in Russia are getting louder with these demands.

Within the next few weeks, there will be a lot happening. Either the war will end with Ukraine taking Russian troops out or Putin will be impeached, leading to the end of the war that many Russians never wanted to start in the first place.

Stay tuned. Things are about to get very exciting.

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