Shocker–Amazon’s a Hypocrite on Mail-in Ballots

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Owner of Amazon and the Washington Post, Mr. Jeff Bezos, is a hypocrite of gargantuan proportions. When it comes to whether or not his Amazon employees can vote to form a union, Bezos demands that it must be in-person voting. But that is not the tune his paper sang throughout the 2020 Presidential campaign. Here’s what his Washington Post Editorial Board wrote last August:


IN A democracy, the first rule of leadership is to model trust in electoral processes, tempered by willingness to reform their demonstrated flaws. President Trump, by contrast, is currently engaged in a campaign to discredit the upcoming November election, based on the idea that mail-in voting, necessitated by public health amid the pandemic he has failed to tame, will create the “greatest rigged election in history,” as he put it in a news conference Wednesday. This is deeply dishonest — and dangerous.

That was then. But now, when his own financial assets are in play, Bezos is squawking a different tune:

Employees at Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama facility are scheduled to vote on unionization in February, and last week the NLRB ruled that due to an “outbreak” of COVID the election would be conducted by mail ballot. Amazon filed an appeal Jan. 21 asking the NLRB to reconsider its decision, stating that a mail-ballot election would “disenfranchise” workers because of its lack of security, and that the NRLB failed to outline what constituted an “outbreak.”

Yes Jeff, we agree. A “mail-ballot election is not secure and provides ample opportunity to cheat by stuffing ballot boxes with fraudulent votes.” Will Bezos now file a friend of the court brief on behalf of President Trump in his upcoming impeachment trial? When you identify cheaters and call them out it is not “insurrection.”

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