South Dakotans Push Back on Keystone Pipeline Shutdown

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The shutdown of Keystone Pipeline continues to have adverse impacts on so many Americans across the country. When Biden revoked the pipeline’s permit with the stroke of a pen, he put thousands of people out of work.

Since this decision, both Republicans and Democrats have called upon the 46th president to reconsider his actions regarding the pipeline. Many also pointed out that there are ways the pipeline can safely and effectively function without being put out of operations altogether.

“South Dakota’s Glacial Lakes” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by TravelSD

Since this executive order, Americans are seeking ways to push back. In Congress, some Republicans introduced a resolution to restore the pipeline and its subsequent employment opportunities.

In South Dakota, however, state residents are pushing for change effective immediately, reports Washington Examiner.

The Fight for Keystone Pipeline

Many South Dakotans are adversely impacted by the president’s choice to remove the Keystone Pipeline permit. Small businesses and other workers in the state relied upon the pipeline to support themselves, feed their families, and provide for their futures.

As such, residents of South Dakota are fighting back. Many are contacting their legislators. Certain unions are even working hard to get a direct meeting with Biden to make their cases for the pipeline’s restoration. Others believe that Biden ought to be fully aware of how his shutdown of Keystone Pipeline is impacting workers in the nation.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has also spoken out against the harm that shutting down the pipeline brings to her state’s economy.

Loss of Employment in Biden’s America

The policies of the 46th president continue to show a disregard for workers and employment in America. Biden’s decision to cancel the pipeline hurt thousands of U.S. jobs, as did his choice to place the nation back into the Paris Climate Accord.

If this isn’t bad enough, the Democrat president is pushing for policies that will further boost unemployment in the country. Right now, Biden wants a $15 federal minimum wage; if the Democrat president gets his way on this matter, then many more small businesses will shut down. This means fewer job opportunities and higher rates of joblessness.

As many Republicans have already pointed out, Biden’s mantra of leadership continues to put America — and its people — last.

Do you think South Dakotans will succeed in their work to restore Keystone Pipeline? What do you think about the impact that Biden is having on American jobs? Let us know your stance down below in the comments section.

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