Texas Moves to Implement Stronger Election Security Measures

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Elections matter and so does election security. After the 2020 presidential race, many folks lost confidence in the sanctity and security of elections; this is due to massive reports about voter fraud, mass dumpings of ballots, tabulation irregularities, and much more. 

Since then, Republicans across the nation have begun implementing a series of stronger election security measures. These measures ultimately root out room for fraud and cheating while ensuring that legal votes are counted. 

“Texas National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Democrats are fully opposed to any bills or laws that uphold election integrity; however, Republicans are not letting this stop the work to secure elections. 

This week, Texas made new strides to ensure the security of the state’s elections, as Breitbart News documents. 

The Fight for Election Security in Texas

On Friday, the Texas House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 7 on Friday.

Since the Texas Senate already passed this piece of election integrity last month, S.B. 7 is now on its way to the conference committee; during this time, variations between the Texas House and Senate versions of S.B. 7 will get sorted out. Following this point, both the House and Senate in Texas will have to vote one more time on the final version of this legislation. 

S.B. 7 covers a series of important matters regarding elections held in Texas. One example pertains to the private funding of elections. Like other states, Texas is working to ensure that elections are not managed by dark money; this plays quite a vital role in maintaining that the people of Texas ultimately determine who gets voted in or out of office. 

Another segment of Texas’ S.B. 7 halts the unsolicited mailing out of ballots. Texans who wish to vote absentee are more than able to do so; however, they must send out a request for the ballot. This is a measure that Democrats have especially gone after, alleging that halting mass unsolicited ballot mailouts is a form of racism. 

When Will the Legislation Arrive on Governor Abbott’s Desk?

On Friday, Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott lauded the work of the Texas state legislature. Abbott also made clear that once S.B. 7 arrives on his desk, he’ll sign the bill into law. 

Judging from the remaining work of the Texas state legislature, Americans can expect S.B. 7 to arrive on Abbott’s desk within the next few weeks. Like other Republican governors across the nation, the Texas governor remains committed to ensuring that elections are secure, legal, and safe. 

What do you think about the provisions of Texas’ S.B. 7? Let us know your views on election security bills in the comments section below. 

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