The Push for COVID-19 Booster Shots Begins

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The United States as a collective is gradually moving on from coronavirus. Travel has resumed; more people are going out and a growing amount of folks are saying that enough is enough when it comes to mask orders. 

Several major retailers, for instance, are ending their mask requirements for vaccinated folks; however, at this time, Americans are not required to show proof of immunization in order to enter the aforementioned establishments. Likewise, a growing number of governors are doing away with mask mandates in schools and other establishments. 

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Americans are clearly growing tired of the fear-mongering and the officials like Anthony Fauci who repeatedly move the goalposts on a deadline for all of these guidelines. However, this isn’t stopping a certain push to keep the coronavirus train going. 

In a new turn of events, Fauci is now claiming that booster shots, on top of COVID-19 vaccination, will be necessary for the American public, as Breitbart News reports. 

Fauci on Booster Shots for the American Public

Days ago, Fauci stated that six months is the timeframe for the efficacy of current coronavirus vaccines.

As such, Fauci maintains that yearly booster shots will be needed for the American people to stay “protected” against the infamous coronavirus. Fauci also stated that the first round of booster shots shall likely come within one year after the initial rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, has made similar remarks. Back in April, Bourla claimed that either a third injection of coronavirus vaccines or annual booster shots would prove to be needed. 

As many Americans have noted, the bait and switch just keeps on happening. It seems to many people that health officials are finding ways to keep the “pandemic” going; first, Americans were told the vaccine was the answer.

Then, talks about booster shots, variants, and more have arisen. Somehow, whenever the country passes what’s supposed to be the final threshold, a new one magically arrives. 

Will Americans Accept Annual Booster Shots? 

There is a certain percentage of the population that will adhere to whatever advice comes from Fauci and other glorified officials. As such, there is no doubt that some Americans will eagerly rush to get their booster shots the second they become available. 

Not all Americans fall into this category. In fact, even some people who got the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine are wary about returning for a second dose due to adverse side effects. Sadly, the healthcare community continues to downplay the severity of side effects and dismiss anyone who presents critical questions. 

Many Americans are fatigued with not just COVID-19, but also the mixed signals and messages coming from leaders. Health officials and Democrats, for instance, have eagerly imposed restrictive edicts on others, yet, breached their own guidelines. 

What do you think about the push for coronavirus booster shots in the United States? Let us know down below in the comments section. 

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