Three Out of Four Americans Back Voter ID Laws

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The notion that Americans should have to present photo ID in order to vote has become heavily contested. Republicans back photo ID to vote, whereas a great deal of Democrats argue that requiring photo ID to vote is a form of racism and voter suppression.

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Earlier this month, Democrat lawmakers passed the For the People Act through the House of Representatives. In H.R. 1, the federal government is given significant control over state elections; meanwhile, if this legislation passes the Senate, then states will be barred from removing dead and ineligible voters from their voter rolls. Meanwhile, voter ID laws would also become obsolete.

However, getting rid of voter ID isn’t as popular nationwide as Democrats want it to be. According to a new poll, 75% of the nation backs voter ID laws, per Breitbart News.

Americans on Voter ID Laws for U.S. Elections

According to Rasmussen Reports, three out of four Americans are supportive of laws that require people to show photo ID before casting a vote. In an interesting twist, 60% of Democrats are supportive of voter ID laws. Across the board, only 21% of Americans are opposed to laws mandating that one present photo ID ahead of voting.

Across the country, 36 of 50 states have various forms of voter ID laws in place. However, this will change should the U.S. Senate pass H.R. 1. While Democrats control the Senate for now, they do not have enough senators to override a filibuster. The GOP is largely expected to filibuster H.R. 1 and other extreme bill that Democrats plan to bring to the floor.

The reality is that vast majorities of Americans across partisan lines, racial demographics, etc,. are supportive of voter ID laws. This makes certain provisions of the For the People Act deeply unpopular and congressional Democrats know this.

Safeguarding the Integrity of U.S. Elections

Voter ID is a critical component in safeguard the integrity of elections in this nation.

Americans need photo ID to board an airplane, shoot at a gun range, open a bank account, cash a check, etc.; Democrat lawmakers have never claimed that photo ID for the aforementioned purposes is racist, yet they somehow oppose having to show ID to vote.

What do you think about the strong, nationwide support for laws that require photo ID to vote? Let us know your viewpoints on the matter of voting with photo ID in the comments section below.

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