Trump Gives Bombshell Interview to Top Republican Podcaster

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Shortly before former President Trump left office, mainstream social platforms indefinitely banned him from using their services. This happened after the Capitol riots on January 6 and the political left deciding that Trump “incited” this unfortunate display.

“White House Coronavirus Update Briefing” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Since Trump is no longer on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, many of his supporters have wondered how they can keep up with the former president. The good news is that while Trump isn’t on any mainstream media sites, he does have a verified and active account on Gab. Furthermore, Trump has also established an Office of the Former President where he regularly puts out press releases.

This morning, Trump’s interview with Republican podcaster Lisa Boothe also came out. During this interview, the 45th president dropped some pretty huge bombshells, as Washington Examiner reports.

Trump on “The Truth with Lisa Boothe”

When asked by podcaster Lisa Boothe about whether or not America still has a free society, Trump gave a very sobering answer. The former president explained that due to a lack of freedom of the press, America is not truly a free society.

Trump then noted that unlike himself, not everyone has the ability or resources to send out press releases; therefore, Americans who are truly cancelled and booted off social media platforms have a challenging time with making their voices heard.

The 45th president shared a link to his interview with The Truth with Lisa Boothe on Gab. An alternative to Facebook, Gab is growing increasingly popular as are other platforms like Rumble and Parler that are friendly to conservatives.

More from Former President Trump

While appearing on Boothe’s podcast, Trump also gave his candid thoughts about the controversial Dr. Anthony Fauci. The former president explained that Fauci is more of a “promoter” and is regularly wrong with the information that he promotes as truth and science.

Other matters that Trump spoke about on The Truth with Lisa Boothe included the future of the GOP, the horrific policies of President Biden, election fraud, and much more. The new podcast interview also arrives amid reports from a top Trump aide that the former president will be coming out with his own social media website within the next two to three months.

Do you think freedom of the press is gone in America? What did you think about former President Trump’s remarks during his intervew on The Truth with Lisa Boothe? Let us know in the comments section below.

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