Trump Impeachment Attorney Rumored to Have Badmouthed 45th President

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This week alone has brought out some not-so-savory details about the individuals comprising Donald Trump’s legal defense team. The Senate’s impeachment trial kicked off yesterday, with a not-so-great start.

Bruce Castor Jr., the lead impeachment attorney for Trump, engendered disapproval from both the former president and GOP senators on Tuesday. Castor presented a lackluster defense in his opening statements; his praise of Democrats and claims that voters were “smart” to vote Biden into office didn’t go over well.

“Trump on the South Lawn, White House” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

However, it turns out that Castor isn’t the only member of Trump’s impeachment team to land in the hot seat. According to Breitbart News, Michael T. van der Veen, another attorney working on Trump’s behalf due to impeachment proceedings, is rumored to have badmouthed the former president.

Reports Circulating Michael van der Veen

As an attorney, van der Veen has worked with a series of clients, including high-profile ones. One of his previous clients just so happens to be Justin Hiemstra who claims that van der Veen has openly trashed Trump as a criminal.

When speaking with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Hiemstra claimed that, in his presence, the attorney now working for Trump displayed a “fairly anti-Trump” disposition. Interestingly enough, Hiemstra wound up being a client for van der Veen after his attempt to hack into U.S. databases to access the former president’s tax returns.

To make matters worse, van der Veen has also reportedly given donations to Democrats, not Republicans, in Pennsylvania.

Why is Van Der Veen Working for Trump?

In light of van der Veen’s reported remarks against Trump, support for Democrats, and previous lawsuit against the former president, it calls into question why he’s working for Trump.

At this time, van der Veen is working underneath the lead impeachment attorney for the 45th president. Trump was reportedly highly unhappy with his lead attorney’s opening remarks yesterday; however, it appears that Castor and other lawyers working on Trump’s behalf are going to remain on the case.

Despite the issues and rumors surrounding the attorneys working for the former president, the Senate remains all but guaranteed to acquit Trump after the trial has run its course.

What do you think about the reports coming out about Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyers? Why do you believe these attorneys would agree to work with the former president in light of these details? Let us know in the comments section below.

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