Trump Officially Severs Ties With Pence, RINOs With Just One Statement

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Donald Trump is bravely alienating himself from a majority of the Republican Party in a firm stance against the massive election fraud which occurred during the 2020 presidential election.

Trump faulted his vice president, Mike Pence, for refusing to play ball and try to overturn the results of the 2020 election in their favor.

The admission came Sunday in a statement released by his Save America PAC, commenting on a bipartisan effort in the Senate to update the 1887 law that outlines the vice president’s role in overseeing Congress certifying the election results.

Trump singled out Sen. Susan Collins, a centrist Republican from Maine, who is spearheading the group and on Sunday morning said she wouldn’t rule out supporting Trump in 2024 if he runs for the White House again but also claimed it was “not likely” in the expectation that there would be other “qualified” candidates.

Pence resisted intense pressure from Trump, but gave in to intense pressure from RINOs and liberals to stall the Electoral College vote count. He even sent a letter to Congress saying that he did not have the power to reject Electoral College votes. Trump hasn’t let his former vice president forget it. In December, Trump said Pence is a “good man” who made a “big mistake.”

Former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro has opened up about working with Steve Bannon to implement what he dubs the “Green Bay Sweep.” The plan was to enlist members of Congress and put pressure on Pence to stall the Jan. 6 certification and send electoral votes back to several battleground states where GOP-led legislatures could try to overturn the results over concerns about fraud and irregularities. Navarro claims the rioters who swarmed the Capitol, disrupting the counting of electoral votes, messed up the plan.

Election officials and the courts have roundly rejected claims of widespread fraud despite the overwhelming evidence of the contrary. The efforts by Trump and his officials are now under investigation, including by a select committee in the House. Both the Justice Department and the Jan. 6 panel are looking into slates of alternate electors for Trump in several states won by Joe Biden.

Trump has not committed to a 2024 run for office, but he made headlines Saturday evening during a rally in Texas when he hinted at pardons for people arrested and charged in connection to the Capitol riot.

Meanwhile, Democrats, including Biden, have begun to warn that the 2022 midterm elections and beyond are in jeopardy, pointing to red states making reforms to their election protocols that Republicans argue are needed for election integrity.

Biden and Democrats in Congress have been pushing for a pair of partisan election overhaul measures that they argue will alleviate efforts to make it harder for people to vote, minorities in particular, but they are opposed by Republicans resistant to federal laws that govern how states and localities run their elections. The legislation failed to take off due to sufficient opposition to changing filibuster rules in the Senate.

Pence told Fox News last week that Jan. 6, 2021, was “a tragic day in the life of the nation” and defended his actions.


Author: Asa McCue


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