Trump Rally: Former President Says ‘Personality’ Stopped War

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For years mainstream media outlets predicted what would happen during Trump’s first term, often waxing hysterical about his brazen personality and how easily that could spark a war with this or that foreign adversary.

Not only did that turn out to be false, but Donald Trump was the only President in modern history to keep the United States out of foreign military conflict. As a matter of fact Donald Trump solidified his role as the most peaceful U.S. President when he brokered historic peace deals with Israel and multiple Arab nations, now called the Abraham Accords, which earned him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

“His personality!”

The media would often complain about Trump’s directness when handing matters of the state as if softness was somehow the more effective way to deal with our enemies.

Meanwhile, the results speak for themselves.

Now Trump is reminding his supporters just how the United States remained out of war for the years he was in office, and it happens to be the very reason why media outlets claimed nuclear war was imminent: his personality.

During a political rally in Georgia over the weekend, Trump said just that.

Trump was referring to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, which Joe Biden failed to deter, and which he is currently in Europe trying to contain.

Trump said:

And you remember this: the fake news media said my personality would get us into war. But actually, as it turned out, it was my personality that kept us the hell out of war.

Biden, playing on the hoax that Trump had somehow “colluded” with Russia and the claim that he was too close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, campaigned in 2020 on the idea that he would be tougher on Russia.

But Biden canceled Trump’s sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany (while barring the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the U.S.), renewed the New START nuclear non-proliferation treaty, and limited lethal weapons shipments to Ukraine.

Now Russia and China have signaled their willingness to partner up against the United States, along with North Korea, which sits comfortably in China’s back pocket.

The entire world is mobilizing against the United States as a result of Biden’s weakness — not Donald Trump’s “personality.”

Author: Nolan Sheridan

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