Trump Rejects Claims that He’s Looking to Turn GOP into “Party of Trump”

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Many critics of former President Trump have similar talking points regarding their issues with him.

Those who oppose the 45th president often claim that his statements about the 2020 presidential election are falsehoods that place U.S. democracy in peril. Others allege that Trump’s tweets and other means of conveying his messages were “unpresidential” or otherwise inappropriate. 

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Towards the end of last week, Trump gave an interview to discuss his version of events. During talks with 77 WABC FM-N.Y., the former president pushed back against some of his detractors’ most common talking points, as Newsmax confirms.  

A Closer Look at Trump’s Latest Radio Interview 

On Thursday, the 45th dismissed the common anti-Trump talking point alleging that he wants the party to ultimately be about him. Trump explained that this isn’t true; instead, the priorities of the former president entail making the United States stronger and backing America First policies. 

While speaking with 77 WABC FM-N.Y., Trump expressed his belief that America should be run by individuals who know what they’re doing as leaders. The 45th president then explained that the United States had this while he was president, but lost it due to a “fraudulent” 2020 race. 

Trump later noted that as the 2022 midterm races get closer, he will work to help elect Republicans who believe in America First policies.

Trump then hinted that he may run for president in 2024; during Thursday’s interview, the former president did not expressly commit one way or the other. Although, Trump did remark that people will ultimately be pleased with his decision regarding 2024. 

Trump’s Role in the Republican Party

Never Trumpers within the GOP have made very clear that they wish to completely throw Trump out of the party altogether. It is typically these folks who assert that the former president is aiming to make the Republican Party all about himself. 

Right now, the Republican Party is about putting America First. Trump’s policies have played a huge role in GOP leadership and the direction that Republicans are taking as the 2022 congressional midterms get closer and closer. 

Thus far, there is no evidence suggesting that Trump is looking to “hijack” the Republican Party into the Trump Party. There is no denying that Trump remains a powerful force within the GOP. His views, endorsements, and statements go a long way; this is what ultimately ails the anti-Trump faction within the GOP. 

With the congressional midterms getting closer, Americans should not expect Trump to disappear from the public eye anytime soon. 

What do you think about the radio interview that Trump gave on Thursday? What do you think about Never Trumpers claiming that the former president wants to hijack the Republican Party? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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