Trump Speaks Up For Persecuted 1/6 Protestors During Blowout Rally

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The Democrats are in total panic mode, as they tend to be once Trump takes center stage in front of an adoring crowd of thousands of supporters.

On Saturday, the Former President continued his Save America tour with a rally in Florence, Arizona. The purpose of the location is to hopefully pressure local election officials to take a closer look at the nefarious events which took place during the 2020 presidential election.

It’s likely Trump will follow with rallies in other battleground states who continue to drag their feet on uncovering the truth about 2020. If successful, Trump will prove once and for all that Biden is in fact an illegitimate president, which will have grave effect on the ’22 midterms and ’24 presidential election.

Trump discussed a number of topics during his rally, but one really made an impact as hundreds of Jan. 6 Capitol protestors continue to lose their basic civil rights while Democrats weaponize and obstruct justice.

He blasted the treatment of Capitol protesters and Democrats‘ “blatant abuse of power to harass their political opponents.”

“January 6th has become the Democrat Party’s excuse to justify an unprecedented assault on American civil rights and liberties, appalling persecution of political prisoners,” Trump said.

“What’s happening to those people in those jails… why aren’t they doing it to [Marxist-anarchist group] Antifa? And to Black Lives Matter? And to many other left-leaning, to put it mildly, groups?”

“But the blatant abuse of power to harass their political opponents is disgraceful, it’s never happened to this extent. What they’re doing to people… it’s never happened to this extent,” Trump continued.

“We had people trying to burn down our country, including federal buildings and courthouses in Washington, D.C., and the church right opposite the White House, and the White House itself,” adding praise for secret service for stopping them. “And nothing happens to these people.”

“We must protect our nation from these monsters that are using law enforcement for political retribution at the local, state and federal level,” Trump said.

Trump also noted how Democrats never pursued leftist anarchists and violent criminals, choosing to go after police stations and police instead, and said that they have “spent years putting American lives in jeopardy.”

Without Trump, the men and women currently being prosecuted for exercising their First Amendment rights would have virtually zero representation in government and absolutely ability to expose the massive human rights violations underway in D.C. jails and within the justice system.

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