Trump Spends Big To Ensure RINO Gov.’s Defeat

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Donald Trump has always approached politics with a ‘put your money where your mouth is’ approach, and nothing’s changed since he’s left office.

On top of amassing over $100 million in cash for his Save America PAC, the Former President has worked tirelessly to ensure a massive GOP victory in this year’s midterm election. Trump has appeared on television, held political rallies, and authored numerous statements and endorsements of America First candidates.

Little has been said about Trump’s financial contributions to candidates, but it appears the Former President is prepared to put his money where his mouth is.

The Georgia governor’s race just got even more interesting. According to recent reports, Trump threw a large sum of money toward efforts to unseat Gov. Brian Kemp, marking his first major financial contribution against a particular candidate.

Trump’s Save America PAC has invested $500,000 into a state super PAC dedicated to ousting the incumbent, who resisted Trump’s overtures to try and overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia. The money will go toward boosting Trump-endorsed candidate David Perdue, a former U.S. senator who has lagged behind Kemp in both polling and fundraising.

Trump’s PAC has stockpiled more than $110 million in its massive war chest. The former president has previously allocated smaller donations to favored candidates, but this investment in Perdue’s campaign marks the first time he has invested a large sum intended to bolster a candidate significantly.

The Former President has expressed concern about Perdue’s chances of unseating Kemp in private meetings with his inner circle; however, his investment in the Get Georgia Right PAC on March 25 means not all hope is lost.

The Republican primary for the Georgia governor’s race is set for May 24, and the Trump team is pushing to ensure Kemp receives less than 50% of the vote to trigger a runoff election. However, this may prove to be difficult, as there are three other lower-profile GOP candidates who risk splitting the vote.

Since Trump’s donation to Perdue, rumors have begun circulating.

Maybe if Trump sees a return on his Georgia investment, he can set his sights on Wyoming, where Liz Cheney awaits her dreaded reelection.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth

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