U.S. Military Faces Investigation If Republicans Take Congress

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(ThePatriotWire)- Conservative members of the House are adding yet another target to their list should they be able to regain control of the lower chamber following next month’s midterm elections.

This time, Republican House members say they will investigate the “wokeness” being propagated in the military under President Joe Biden.

One of the main focuses of a GOP-led House would be the woke policies for the nation’s defense that have been instituted under the Biden administration. As Indiana Representative Jim Banks, who serves as the chairman of the Republican Study Committee, said recently:

“I think it’s one of our very top priorities to clean up the mess the administration has made with the excessive and dangerous COVID mandates on our troops at a time where we have historically low recruitment.”

Banks spoke with Military.com recently about this topic and was asked to expand further on it. Specifically, he was queried about whether the Republican Party would ultimately block some of the initiatives at the military designed to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI. One of those initiatives could be teaching critical race theory.

As Banks explained:

“Those are issues that we’ve been very passionate about in the minority, and I guarantee we’ll be just as passionate about them when we get the majority.”

It’s not just Banks who is in support of this type of investigation, though, should Republicans take control of the House. Also commenting on the matter to the website was Alabama Representative Mike Rogers, who’s the ranking member on the House Armed Services Committee who would likely take over as its chair should the GOP gain the majority.

He explained:

“All this wokeness in the military, we are going to be aggressively trying to root that stuff out.”

While the two congressmen are steadfast in their aims here, how effective they would be at actually getting anything done is up in the air.

It’s very unlikely, for example, that Biden would sign any bills that the GOP sponsors to address military “wokeness.” In addition, even if the GOP were to retake control of the House, they could fail to do so in the Senate, which would block any of these prospective bills from ever reaching the desk of the president.

That being said, it won’t all be for naught, even if that were to happen.

For one, a Republican-led House would likely still introduce many bills just for the purposes of sending a message to Democrats and the Biden administration as a whole — even if they never do end up getting passed.

They also would have the power to initiate various congressional hearings as well as full-fledged investigations into the military on issues such as efforts to tramp down extremists, initiatives surrounding diversity and the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Last month, in fact, NBC News issued a report that said allies of former President Donald Trump have plans to interview General Mark Milley, the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, should the GOP retake control of the House following the midterm elections.

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