U.S. Pentagon Ignores Warfighting As “Woke” Agenda Surges

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(ThePatriotWire)- As the number of security threats from other countries grows, there are more and more worries that the Pentagon’s top leaders aren’t paying enough attention to preventing war and getting ready for it.

Some experts think a recent 1,141-word message to the Navy, and Marine Corps perfectly illustrated the issue.

Secretary of the Navy Carlos del Toro wrote a message to boast about what he had done in his first year in charge of the Navy Department. He talked about the Navy’s progress on a number of issues, such as sexual harassment, mental health, education, housing, keeping personal costs low, child care, spouse employment, and the Exceptional Family Member Program.

Dakota Wood, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and a Marine veteran, wrote that Del Toro’s one-year report talks about everything except sea power. He said he missed a chance to think about why we have a Navy in the first place and what sailors and Marines do, why it’s essential, and what it’s worth.

China has the biggest navy in the world, and by 2025, China is expected to have more aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships in the Pacific than the U.S.

The U.S. Navy has also had trouble with maintenance backlogs, ship collisions, and training accidents, some of which were caused by the fact that the current fleet had to work hard to keep up with deployments. Analysts say that the service isn’t in an excellent position to reorient the Marine Corps with new and more ships to deal with China’s military threat.

The U.S. Pacific Air Force has banned pronouns like “he” and “she” to refer to men and women. The order repeats the Pentagon’s central message on diversity in the military: “We must embrace, promote, and unlock the potential of diversity and inclusion.”

Defense Secretary James N. Austin made it a top priority to find and stop “extremism” in the services. The U.S. Military Academy at West Point has a seminar class on “white rage.” CRT says that racism is built into every part of American society.

Mark Milley was recently criticized for keeping quiet about Marines standing behind President Biden during a speech critical of fellow Americans and political opponents.

The military is having trouble defending itself against the claim that some of its leaders are becoming more political. This year has been the worst for recruiting since 1973. Some blame the Pentagon’s embrace of so-called “woke” policies.

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