UN Meets to Decide Russia’s Fate Over Heinous Air Strikes

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Russia has been playing dirty from the start. They want to obtain Ukraine all over again so that they can live out their glory days of being the Soviet Union. There’s just one problem – the United Nations can’t decide how to handle Russia.

The UN General Assembly met this past Monday to discuss whether a demand should be made for Russia to reverse its annexing of four regions in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Moscow performed some of the most extensive missile strikes since the beginning of the invasion.

There were rush-hour attacks that killed at least 14 people. Scores of individuals were wounded.
Sergy Kyslytsya, a Ukrainian Ambassador, said close relatives were imperiled in one of the residential buildings and had been unable to take cover. He explained, “By launching missile attacks on civilians sleeping in their homes or rushing toward children going to schools, Russia has proven once again that it is a terrorist state that must be deterred in the strongest possible ways.”

This is what’s perhaps the most disturbing. The war crimes being committed by Russia cannot be forgiven. There is absolutely no reason why they should be targeting civilian areas. And that’s not even considering the reports that have come out about what they have done with various military bodies upon killing them.

Russia claims that it targeted military and energy facilities. So, either Russia has REALLY bad aim or they’re blatantly lying. Many of the missiles hit civilian areas including a commuter minibus and a park.

This is supposedly retaliation because Ukrainian forces took out an important bridge on Saturday – and Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told the UN assembly that Moscow had warned there would be no impunity for committing such a “terrorist” attack.

It seems that Russia feels that it can do whatever they want to Ukraine but suddenly wants to clutch its pearls when Ukraine does anything even remotely aggressive in return.

Apparently, Nebenzia explained that the bridge was “civilian infrastructure.” At least no one was killed – unlike what Russia did as retaliation.

Ukrainian officials have also yet to confirm if it was, in fact, Kyiv that was behind the attack on the bridge or any of the other incidents of sabotage. What they have said is that they welcome setbacks that have come to Russia for all of the territory that they have claimed to annex.

The annexation of four territories is an interesting one. Russia has claimed to annex it, which means that the Ukrainian territories supposedly belong to them now. However, Ukraine is denying those claims – and that is where the UN is stepping in.

After all, why would Ukraine simply accept that Russia has annexed those territories? They don’t want to lose any of their lands to Russia, which is what started this war in the first place.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was “deeply shocked” by the attacks. And a number of nations found the missile bombardment deplorable, including the Turkish UN ambassador.

The Costa Rican Ambassador, Maritza Chan Valverde said that the air strikes show a “continued and complete disdain for human rights, humanitarian law, and international norms.”

Just hours after the Russian strikes, the UN made the decision that they would demand that Moscow “immediately and unconditionally” release the supposed annexations on the four regions, including Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson. Further, the UN would call on all countries to not recognize those districts as being annexed by Russia.

The European Union further spearheaded the measure by also insisting that Russia completely and unconditionally withdraw its forces from all of the territory that is internationally recognized as belonging to Ukraine.

It’s Russia’s move. With Nebenzia saying “Such cynicism, confrontation and dangerous polarization as today we have never seen in the history of the U.N.,” it doesn’t seem likely that Russia will heed any of what the UN has demanded.

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