Utah GOP Convention Audience Members Reject Mitt Romney

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On Saturday, the Utah Republican convention took place. Republicans gathered to discuss the future of the party, leadership, and much more in conservative politics. 

One of the speakers just so happened to be Sen. Mitt Romney. During Romney’s speech, he touched on a variety of matters; however, the speech did not go over so well. 

“Mitt Romney & Dan Quayle” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Many Republicans are not pleased with Romney. This is due to the tumultuous relationship that the senator’s maintained with former President Trump. Loyalists to the former GOP president are additionally displeased with Romney’s vote to impeach Trump earlier this year. 

Yesterday, a percentage of the audience at the Utah GOP convention made their views known by booing Romney as he spoke, confirms Breitbart News

Romney’s Remarks at the Utah Republican Convention 

When Romney spoke yesterday, he opined that he was not pleased with the “character issues” of former President Trump. This promptly engendered boos from the audience; however, Romney continued. 

The Utah senator noted his status as a lifelong Republican before urging the GOP to unify and come together in strength. Eventually, Derek Brown, the chairman of the Utah Republican Party, urged the audience to cease booing and treat Romney with more respect. 

The audience at the Utah GOP convention also didn’t hesitate to brand Romney as a “traitor” and a “communist.” However, some of the attendees at last night’s Utah event remained in support of Romney; those not opposed to the Utah senator did their best to convey support, despite the disapproval from others in the crowd. 

Romney’s Struggles within the GOP

Despite Romney’s status as a lifelong Republican, his tussles with Trump have engendered struggles within the GOP.

Earlier this year, the Utah Republican Party held a vote on whether or not to censure Romney over his support for then-President Trump’s impeachment. Ultimately, the vote failed since only 711 voted in favor of censure while 798 opposed censuring the Utah senator. 

Within the GOP, the biggest issues that Romney is having are with the Trump coalition. Hardcore loyalists to the former president are not happy with the Utah senator; however, Republicans with greater loyalty to the GOP, rather than to Trump himself, are less likely to disapprove of Romney. 

What do you think about the audience members who booed Sen. Romney at the Utah Republican convention yesterday? Do you have issues with Romney’s remarks about former President Trump? Let us know down below in the comments section. 

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