[WATCH] DeSantis Fires Back During “Don’t Say Gay” Bill Signing

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Ron DeSantis has officially solidified his role as the official tastemaker for the Republican Party.

The Florida Governor is consistently out in front of every issue plaguing the nation, ensuring citizens of his state are shielded from the horrific liberal policies plaguing the United States today.

DeSantis has battled Fauci, Big Tech, the Biden administration, and now he’s going after radical transgender activists, all of whom believe parents should be removed from their children’s educational process.

Leftists across the country are moving to shut parents out of classroom conversations that involve radical gender ideology, frank discussion about sexual orientation, and other wildly inappropriate subject matter that teachers have no business discussing with small children.

Gov. Ron DeSantis just ensured this level of child indoctrination will not be happening in Florida schools.

On Monday, the Florida Republican signed the “Parental Rights in Education” into law. This bill has been a controversial one as leftists, mainstream media outlets, and Hollywood liberals work overtime to mischaracterize its contents. It was nicknamed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill in an effort to obfuscate the truth and malign Republican Ron DeSantis — and the entire GOP.

The ‘Parental Rights in Education’ act prohibits discussions on gender identity and sexual orientation in the state’s K-3 grades “or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.”

In other words, teachers can’t talk about genitals with kindergartners — and that’s controversial!

Parents also have the right to opt-out of certain health services offered in public schools and schools are also not able to implement rules that prevent teachers from notifying parents about services for children regarding their physical, mental or emotional health with the exception of potential instances of child abuse.

DeSantis has pushed back on reporters who have used the “Don’t Say Gay” slogan in their questioning about the legislation highlighting the fact that the word “gay” does not appear anywhere in the bill.

He’s essentially raised a middle finger to the left-wing liars who insist on incorrectly maligning the bill. Hollywood – the home of pedophiles, communism, and propaganda – is particularly vocal about their opposition to the bill, and DeSantis could care less.

Even Joe Biden voiced his opposition to the bill, which says a lot about the Democrat Party as a whole.

Society is officially off the rails when the President comes out against parental rights solely as a means of virtual signaling to leftists.

Author: Nolan Sheridan

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