[WATCH] Pro-Trump Lawmaker Utterly Destroys Top Biden Official

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Under its current leadership, the federal government has little patience for the muck-racking America First lawmakers who consistently hold Biden officials accountable for their horrendous policies. Big Tech autocrats and globalist liberals want to execute a post-COVID new world order without any interruption from the naysaying Trump crowd.

Unfortunately for Biden’s administration officials, the America First coalition is not backing down without a fight and they certainly won’t allow billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars to be allocated for the exact version of insidious leftism which has contributed to the downfall of America.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, a pro-Trump Florida Republican, put Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on blast for poisoning military forces with “wokeism” while overseeing several strategic blunders which placed a permanent stain on U.S. military greatness.

During a Tuesday House Armed Services Committee hearing, Austin faced questioning about his $773 billion budget request presented to Congress.

Rep. Gaetz was the only lawmaker at the hearing willing to ask critical questions of Biden’s Defense Secretary. He began by reiterating some of Sec. Austin’s more notable work since being nominated, including his incorrect assessment of the Taliban.

“You have been blowing a lot of calls lately on matters of strategy, Mr. Secretary,” Gaetz told Austin.

This is where the fun begins.

Gaetz charged Austin with deliberately destroying our military capabilities by “force-feeding” wokeism to impressionable young soldiers. The Florida Republican noted a recent academic shift at prominent military universities, including West Point and the National Defense University, both of which are steeped in leftisms like Critical Race Theory and mandatory pronoun training.

Mind you, this is by no means an accident. The consolidation of western governments into a giant globalist conglomerate is well underway, forming at hyper-speed now that Biden is at the helm. It’s in their best interest to stifle any powerful military by fomenting weakness through far-left theoretical training.

Austin pushed back, telling Gaetz: “The fact that you are embarrassed by your country, I’m sorry for that.”

The two men shouted over one another as Gaetz assured Austin he was not embarrassed by America.

“No, I’m embarrassed by your leadership,” Gaetz said. “I am not embarrassed for my country.

Sec. Austin attempted to pull the wool over the eyes of America by claiming Putin’s military actions have been stifled due to U.S. involvement with Ukraine.

So, did Sec. Austin admit that U.S. involvement couldn’t stop Putin the “war criminal”?

Wouldn’t that be a negative assessment of his capabilities as Defense Secretary?

As previously mentioned, the federal government’s current leadership will not allow America First lawmakers enough influence to stop a massive military budget used to advance leftist influence amongst U.S. military forces.

Three more years!

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