WATCH: ‘Trump was right, Biden is a Trojan horse for progressives’

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As infrastructure week comes to a close, TARA and EUGENE look back at the week’s top news videos, starting with an awkward encounter between TUCKER CARLSON and Rep. MATT GAETZ (R-Fla.) during his first public response to allegations of sex trafficking a minor. They also discuss the likelihood of President JOE BIDEN’S infrastructure bill getting through Congress and if Trump was right about Biden being a Trojan horse for the progressive agenda.

Watch all the individual clips that Eugene and Tara get into in this week’s edition of Playback:

1. Things didn’t go as Gaetz planned on Tucker Tonight

During his first televised response over allegations of sex trafficking a minor, Rep. Matt Gaetz claimed his family was working with the FBI over an alleged extortion plot organized by former federal prosecutor David McGee. Gaetz attempted to change the focus of the conversation by reminding viewers that Carlson has also been on the receiving end of sexual misconduct allegations. Carlson wasn’t having it.

2. Biden outlines plan for his infrastructure agenda

Biden announced his $2 trillion infrastructure plan on Wednesday. Here he outlines his reasoning and goals for this potentially historic piece of legislation — that is if he can get progressives and Republicans on board.

3. Sen. Ron Johnson argues Biden is not acting like a moderate.

In response to Biden’s infrastructure announcement, the Wisconsin Republican claimed Biden is not the moderate he claimed to be on the campaign trail.

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