White House Colluded With Big Tech In Possibly Illegal Act, Email Trove Shows

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(ThePatriotWire)- Last week, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt revealed explosive evidence showing the Biden administration colluding with Big Tech to censor so-called COVID “disinformation.”

The documents, obtained as part of a lawsuit filed in May by Missouri and Louisiana, reveal that administration officials were in direct communication with social media platforms to coordinate suppressing the free speech rights of American citizens.

In a lengthy Twitter thread last Thursday, Schmitt posted a series of emails obtained that reveal the extent of the Biden administration’s involvement, which he called “a vast censorship enterprise.”

As part of discovery in the lawsuit, the DOJ disclosed that 45 federal officials had direct interactions with social media companies. But there were more officials involved than the DOJ admitted.

Facebook’s parent company Meta identified an additional 32 federal officials, including members of the White House who communicated with them. YouTube identified 11 officials, including those in the White House, many of whom were not disclosed by the DOJ.

According to the documents Schmitt obtained, the CDC went so far as to suggest monthly “debunking” meetings with Facebook to ensure the platform was censoring the free speech of users.

Schmitt posted one email from a White House official who asked a Facebook employee to remove a Tony Fauci parody account from Instagram. The Facebook employee dutifully agreed.

The documents Schmitt posted on Twitter are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

For years, we have been told that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms are “private companies” therefore the First Amendment does not apply.

But the reality is wildly different.

When the federal government is working with these “private companies” to censor the free speech of Americans, it is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Unsurprisingly, most of the American corporate news media, those so-called Guardians of Free Speech, are ignoring this explosive information.

But Schmitt, who is running for Senate, did appear on Fox News last week to discuss what he has learned:

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