White House Interferes with Biden Answering Uncensored Questions

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President Biden is in no mental position to be occupying the Oval Office. This is something many Americans suspected during Biden’s time on the 2020 campaign trail; however, the president’s behaviors in the less than nine months he’s been in office erase all doubt about his lack of mental fitness.

For awhile, Biden avoided doing press conferences with the public altogether. Finally, after the White House was repeatedly asked about the president’s lack of press conferences, Biden finally started giving them.

However, there was a catch. During press conferences given by Biden, reporters have managed to gather pictures of Biden holding flashcards with notes telling him what to say. No one can make this stuff up.

On Friday, another situation arose that further shows even the White House knows Biden isn’t mentally fit for the office he holds. Breitbart News confirms that aides working for Biden barred from answering uncensored questions posed by Democrat legislators.

Keeping Biden on a Short Leash

On Friday, the president of the United States gathered with Democrats on Capitol Hill to discuss his $3.5 trillion spending legislation. This is a bill that’s essentially dead on arrival, due to it lacking key votes from centrist Democrat senators.

That’s on top of House Democrats who are clashing with one another regarding whether or not the bill should be combined with climate change measures. Nevertheless, after Biden’s gathering with Democrats, an interesting series of events arose.

According to at least one reporter, the president expressed his willingness to take inquiries from the leftist lawmakers. However, before things could proceed any further, White House staffers promptly stepped in.

These staffers essentially halted the president from taking any questions from legislators. Also, this is far from an isolated incident. When President Biden met with the U.K. prime minister last month, White House aides also stopped reporters from questioning Biden.

The Unspoken Truth

Here’s the reality: the White House knows Biden is not fit for the job. However, the administration will never publicly admit this. Instead, they will work to present a rosy image to the public and do their part to keep Biden from publicly humiliating himself.

If this president were truly up for the job, the United States wouldn’t be facing economic, immigration, and foreign policy crises. Moreover, if Biden were in his right mind, the White House wouldn’t need to give him flashcards during press conferences or stop the media from questioning him.

Many Americans are of the belief that despite being formally “president,” Biden isn’t the one truly running things behind the scenes. With each passing day, this theory seems to gain more credibility.

What do you think about the White House interfering with Biden taking public questions? Share your insight below in the comments section.


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