White House Under Fire for Backing Critical Race Theory in Education

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For quite some time now, Republicans have warned that Democrats are working to indoctrinate young people with leftist ideology.

Americans have seen this in college campuses; professors often have an overtly liberal bias and students who push back against the left-wing narrative are generally shunned, ostracized, and otherwise made to feel unwelcome. 

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Now, leftists are moving to take indoctrination in the education system beyond just colleges and universities. According to Newsmax, Biden’s education department is now looking at ways to subsidize critical race theory teachings in schools. 

Biden’s Push for Critical Race Theory

Ultimately, the Biden administration is supportive of projects that will center around critical race theory. These projects would ultimately include teachings that focus on race and make race/ethnicity the focal point of lessons even when this isn’t appropriate. 

Biden’s Education Department believes that critical race theory will supposedly push back against “misinformation” in the education system. If the Biden administration gets its way, then critical race theory would be used to help people “evaluate news sources” and grow into “better consumers” of details published on the internet. 

Of course, it is U.S. taxpayers who would be funding this critical race theory push. Republican leaders, such as the Florida governor, have taken steps to ban critical race theory teachings in their schools statewide.

Governor DeSantis stated earlier this year that critical race theory will only succeed in driving people apart and teaching people to hate each other based on race. 

The Need to Resist Critical Race Theory

Pushing back against critical race theory is imperative in the United States. It will only serve to divide people and further inflame tensions in the country. Democrats know this and they also benefit when the nation is divided, rather than united; this is why the left is pushing so hard for critical race theory. 

Right now, it is very clear that President Biden will use the federal government to push through the socialist agenda as much as possible. With that being said, Republicans have power at the state level.

Now, more than ever, GOP governors and attorney generals are the last defense lines against the radical takeover that Democrats are working to perpetrate on this country. Republican governors must now take a page from Governor DeSantis’ book and prohibit critical race theory teachings in their schools.  

What do you think about the Biden administration working to implement critical race theory teachings in schools? Let us know down below in the comments section. 

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