Wyoming Republican Party Formally Disavows Liz Cheney

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2021 has been a tumultuous year for Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney. Earlier this year, the GOP lawmaker took heat after voting for the impeachment of Trump over the Capitol breach on January 6.

Even after this vote, Cheney continued going after Trump very publicly. This eventually lead to House Republicans voting her out of leadership and replacing Cheney with Rep. Elise Stefanik.

Days ago, Cheney also landed in a Twitter spat with Republican Sen. Ted Cruz after he declared Cheney’s only spot in the 2024 presidential election was in the primary election for the Democrat Party.

Cheney would later go on to tell Cruz to conduct himself in a matter aligning with his oath to the United States Constitution. However, Fox News now reports the Wyoming Republican Party has disavowed Cheney as a GOP member altogether.

The Decision from the Wyoming GOP

On Saturday, the Wyoming Republican Party voted to no longer acknowledge Cheney as a member of their ranks. The vote was very close with 31 members voting in favor of no longer recognizing Cheney as a Republican and 29 members voting against it.

Already, there are multiple counties in the state of Wyoming that are choosing not to recognize the GOP lawmaker as a Republican. This all follows Cheney’s consistent rebukes of Trump.

The congresswoman holds firm to her view that voting to impeach Trump was an act of fidelity to the United States Constitution. Cheney likewise maintains the former president incited the mob which stormed the Capitol on January 6.

During a recent campaign stop in New Hampshire, Cheney stated there is no grey area when it comes to the defense of the Constitution above party politics. The Wyoming congresswoman is now seeking re-election to continue serving in the House, with multiple other Republicans seeking to primary her.

Pushback from Cheney’s Spokesperson

News of the Wyoming Republican Party’s disavowal of Liz Cheney in such a notable fashion sparked nationwide headlines.

In response to the development, Cheney spokesperson Jeremy Adler pushed back. Adler declared the Wyoming GOP’s decision as unfortunate; this came before the spokesperson stated the Wyoming Republican Party chose to let an “irrational man” hold them hostage.

Adler also made a point of noting despite the Wyoming GOP’s decision, this does not make Cheney any less of a conservative Republican with undying fidelity to the Constitution.

Many conservative critics of Cheney also weighed in on the news over the weekend. This group largely declared the congresswoman as a Republican in Name Only and opined the Wyoming GOP made the right call.

What do you think about the Wyoming Republican Party’s decision to no longer acknowledge Liz Cheney as a GOP member? Do you think this will stop her from winning her re-election campaign? Let us know in the comments area below.

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