YIKES: NBC Just Exposed The Biden Crime Family

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It’s quite astonishing to witness proper journalism on the left after years (even decades) of horrifically criminal misreporting, smearing, and endless partisan attacks against Donald Trump and the Republicans.

No one is more dishonest than the liberal journalist and not one organization should be looked at as the enemy more than the legacy news outlets that repeatedly and surreptitiously publish ideological propaganda for the Democrat Party.

So, yes, it comes as a surprise when none other than NBC is finally willing to reveal the truth about Hunter Biden, his business deals with China and Ukraine, and his father’s influence in the entire debacle.

On the campaign trail Joe Biden really struggled under the weight of his son’s controversies. He was routinely called out for Hunter’s misgivings and was tasked with fabricating a new lie each time.

Joe Biden appeared on the debate stage with Donald Trump in 2020 where he said definitively: Hunter Biden “has not made money” from China.


Well, turns out that was a complete lie as many of us already suspected.

Joe Biden made this claim in order to prevent a scandal knowing all too well that American voters don’t take kindly to politicians (or their families) colluding with enemies, nor do they appreciate flat-out liars — both of which apply to Joe Biden.

At the time, media outlets took Biden at his word and even censored the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop after he abandoned his hard drive at a repair shop in Delaware.

Social media companies, mainstream news outlets, and even the Deep State rushed to block the contents of Hunter’s laptop from gaining public attention, even labeling the story “Russian disinformation.”

But NBC now says otherwise, based on a thorough review of Hunter Biden’s hard drive and iCloud account as well as a number of documents that were released by Republicans on two separate Senate committees exploring the issue.


According to the report, Hunter Biden made approximately $11 million in a five-year span between 2013 and 2018 from his various roles as an attorney and board member of companies in Ukraine and China.

The Ukrainian firm has long been accused of being fraudulent and its Chinese business deals have since been wrought with bribery.

“The documents and the analysis, which don’t show what he did to earn millions from his Chinese partners, raise questions about national security, business ethics, and potential legal exposure,” the NBC report said.

Biden inked two deals with Chinese business interests for a total of $5.8 million — nearly half of his entire earnings in that five-year period.

“Biden’s most lucrative business relationship was acting as a consultant in a project with a company that belongs to a once-powerful Chinese businessman who is now thought to be detained in his homeland,” NBC reported.

 “According to business records referred to in the Senate report, Hudson West III, a venture funded by the Chinese oil and natural gas company CEFC and its chairman, Ye Jianming, paid $4,790,375.25 to Owasco P.C. over about one year.”

According to the documents, Hunter Biden also did some work for an associate of Ye Jianming named Patrick Ho — who served three years in a U.S. prison for attempting to bribe officials to the tune of $2 million.

Wow, if the mainstream media is willing to turn on Biden to such a degree there’s no telling what the administration is in for next!

Author: Alfred Bishop

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