Alec Baldwin Wants Police On Set to Monitor Weapons Safety

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( Alec Baldwin just can’t shut up – no matter how advisable it would be at the present time. Last week, after blaming the assistant director for his accidentally shooting and killing Halyna Hutchins and wounding “Rust” director Joel Souza, Baldwin proclaimed that firearms should no longer be allowed on movie sets. And now, Baldwin has another idea – movie sets can have guns, but only if they hire a police officer to monitor them.

The solution is much simpler than that. Either keep guns away from Alec Baldwin or Alec Baldwin can start following gun safety guidelines.

Tweeting from his locked Twitter account, Baldwin said that every film and television production that uses guns of any kind should hire a police officer to “specifically monitor weapons safety.”

It’s like a Hall Monitor but for guns.

Why it doesn’t enter Baldwin’s head to just shut up and not say another word is a mystery.

He really doesn’t need to weigh in so much and so often about a shooting that is under investigation by law enforcement. Maybe incessantly pointing fingers of blame is his way of dealing with the PTSD his faux Spanish wife Hilaria said he suffers from over the shooting.

Production companies don’t need an active-duty police officer. They just need to hire an armorer who isn’t a 24-year-old girl who doesn’t know the first thing about firearms.

Baldwin also wasn’t happy about former President Trump’s inappropriate remark suggesting Baldwin intentionally shot Hutchins because he’s “troubled” and “volatile.” Both Trump and his SNL impersonator have a habit of speaking when they should stay silent. Funny how that worked out.

But Baldwin isn’t the only one pointing fingers. The lawyers for the 24-year-old armorer whose job it was to monitor weapons safety are claiming “sabotage” and suggesting that someone smuggled live rounds into a box of blanks on purpose.

The only police involvement needed with this particular film production is investigating the shooting. And until they conclude their investigation, maybe everybody associated with “Rust” should Just. Stop. Talking.

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