Americans need to prepare for a predictable Southern summer surge of Covid-19

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Covid has been going on for almost three years since the first cases were discovered of this virus. Everyone in the world has been touched in some way by this virus; whether it’s restrictions, mandates, illness, death, or financial gain or loss, almost everyone has altered their lives, and we are more than ready to move on to a new chapter.

That being said, some trends have become evident over the last couple of years, and one of those is that Southern states, for whatever reason, have a case surge, and Northern states expect the same come fall and winter.

Why does this happen? It’s hard to pinpoint anything as the fundamental cause of this; however, logically, it could be due to people in the South being indoors in Summer, and Northern residents tend to be mostly indoors during the fall or winter due to the weather.  As people are out and about and get infected, they bring it home to their family members as everyone stays indoors. At least this has been the trend and something to be aware of as we continue with our daily lives.

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