AOC Shows True Colors As She Attacks Patriotic Senator

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex has once again made her appearance on the political stage. The past few times her face has appeared on the news was only to bash people serving as a conservative in Congress. Her treatment of Republicans leaves a lot of questions as to why she sits in the House of Representatives. And it seems that her favorite target to flirt with is Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.

AOC hates that conservative politicians are standing up for Americans and actively trying to stop Joe Biden from importing illegal migrants into the country. She is upset that the Texan supports the idea of Republican states shipping illegals to liberal-run regions that are not privy to the influx of Biden’s mass of humans.

Ocasio-Cortez came out of hiding to blast Ted Cruz for his support of bringing illegals into the blue cities that claim to be sanctuary havens for illegals wanting to hide from the law. The liberal witch could not bring herself to accuse him of anything in English. She had to slam the man in Spanish.

Cruz has openly supported Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis and his decision to fly several loads of passengers from Venezuelan origin to Martha’s Vineyard. The move is meant to be a wake-up call for a liberal to recognize what they are doing to other areas of the country.

President Joe Biden started bussing illegals into the interior parts of the country. His bus business is constantly bringing illegals to regions controlled by Republican leaders. His secret plan is to place as many illegals in Republican-controlled areas as possible so that when they are granted voting rights, they will vote for Democrats and give them uncontested control of the country.

Republican leaders are less than thrilled to be the recipients of Biden’s illegal busses. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis have enacted the policies that what is good for conservatives is good for liberals. They are sending their loads of illegals into regions of liberal-controlled areas considered to be popular vacation areas.

Cruz would love to see as many as half a million illegals sent to the nation’s capital and other Democrat areas. His support is to force the Democrats into a position that would help them understand the danger Biden is putting the country in by keeping the borders open.

After the illegals arrived in Martha’s Vineyard, the nasty liberals put them back on buses and deported them. AOC would rather bash the Republicans instead of the Democrats that deported the very people they invited into the country.

The self-righteous standard the liberals live by demonstrates how hypocritical they are as a party. They believe that people should suffer under the burden of caring for illegals as long as they do not have to be involved.

AOC could not remain silent. She responded on Twitter to Cruz’s post: “They were not deported. They were brought to shelter in the US. With no help from you. Why lie to and traffic Venezuelan refugees? For votes? This is nuestra familia Latina. You should be standing up for them. If it’s one thing we can count on you for, it’s being una vergüenza.”

She was so enraged over the fact that Cruz supported shipping illegals to areas controlled by Democrats that she started yelling out in Spanish instead of speaking English. The duplicity of the liberal politician is that she cannot seem to bring herself to condemn the president’s actions of bussing illegals over the border. Her self-righteous standard is indicative of the way the liberals think and operate.

AOC is a progressive supporter of Joe Biden. She loves the secret ways he continues trying to put socialist-based laws into the American way of life. But she cannot condemn how he treats people by dropping them off in strange regions to try and make a living for themselves. The president is abandoning the people he invites to come illegally into the country.

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