Arizona GOP Unanimously Calls for Ronna McDaniel’s Resignation from the RNC

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Ronna Romney McDaniel is apparently planning to run for the position of Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) once again. Not everyone is happy about this. Both Mike “Pillow Guy” Lindell and attorney Harmeet Dhillon have announced that they’ll be running against her. But things look even worse for McDaniel than that. The Republican Party of Arizona has unanimously called on McDaniel to resign because she’s a total failure.

When she’s not busily piggybacking off of Donald Trump’s name for fundraising purposes at the RNC, Ronna Romney McDaniel spends her time figuring out how to lose national elections. That’s no exaggeration.

Since she became the Chair of the RNC in 2017, here are McDaniel’s accomplishments:
2018 midterms: Republicans lost. 2020 election: Republicans lost. 2021 Georgia Senate runoff elections: Republicans lost. 2022 midterms: Republicans lost. 2022 Georgia Senate runoff: Republican Herschel Walker lost.

She’s 0-5 when it comes to doing her main job.

During the recent midterms in Arizona, McDaniel had RNC lawyers on the ground and ready to watch for anomalies. When 59% of the tabulators and printers failed in Maricopa County on election day, McDaniel told the voters to rest easy. She was ON IT!

McDaniel told everyone to “trust the process.” She was going to have the lawyers sue to keep the polls open late, so no Republican voters would be disenfranchised by the delays.

Then, the GOP lawyers immediately lost that lawsuit. And then the RNC packed up and left, without making any additional attempts to save the elections of Kari Lake and Blake Masters – two of the most popular GOP candidates nationally in the November midterms.

It’s been failure after failure after failure from Ronna Romney McDaniel. She doesn’t even offer excuses! She fails and runs away and then fails again. Good for the Arizona GOP for calling on her to resign. Let’s hope she’s listening.

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