Arizona Proves It’s Cheap & Easy to Build a Border Wall

by admin

The only way to prevent illegal aliens from simply walking into the US and draining our resources is to make it harder for them to enter. Right now, there are too many “holes” in the wall where families from Mexico and Central America can just walk through.

Immigration has been ignored by the Democrats. They want to pretend as though there is no crisis. Meanwhile, the governors of Arizona and Texas have been demanding some kind of help. Illegal immigration is out of control — and it’s a financial drain.

During the Trump administration, a wall was being built. The Biden administration quickly stopped that with the lame excuse that it was both expensive and complicated to build the wall. Plus, they didn’t believe that it would offer the desired benefits.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey decided to get creative. A thousand-foot gap within the wall near Yuma has been closed. The most impressive aspect is that it took only three days.

How is that possible, you might ask?

The state has decided to stage storage containers on top of one another and weld them together. It is an efficient manner – and it offers a visually stunning aesthetic along the border, too.

The before and after photos shown on Twitter by Ducey are amazing. There’s nothing but open land where illegal immigrants can walk through in the before photos. In the after photos, you see a tall wall that is structurally sound and made out of metal. It would be nearly impossible to scale – and even if someone could, it would make it that much easier for immigration agents to catch them.

There are certainly no vehicles able to drive through these new walls – and that’s going to be a big help.

Talk about getting things done!

The Yuma sector is one of the more problematic areas along the border. In the fiscal year 2022, there have been over 250,000 migrant encounters based on Customs and Border Patrol data. And when you look at the entirety of the southwest border, that jumps to 1.8 million.

Ducey got the job done because he couldn’t wait on the federal government. He’s been requesting assistance from Biden and the rest of the administration for over a year. Meanwhile, his requests have been ignored while the problem continues to get worse.

The border patrol agents work hard to secure the border. However, they are limited in resources. Each and every month, they report a large number of “gotaways.”

The Department of Homeland Security announced in July that they would be filling in the gaps along the border wall in Yuma. However, that was weeks ago. No construction has begun.

The state refused to watch as border patrol agents were unable to get the help and support they needed. So, in just three days, they took care of the problem on their own. The DHS can now focus on other areas since Ducey made such progress in less than a week.

Of course, there are always people who want to complain about the progress. Two containers fell over in a storm. So, how safe is this?

The governor’s office was quick to provide a logical explanation. The containers fell over before everything had been secured and the containers had been welded to one another.

Arizona should receive a standing ovation for its level of innovation.

Meanwhile, in other areas, the immigration system continues to be broken. And let’s face it. Bussing the immigrants out of Texas and Arizona only moves the immigrants around the country. It doesn’t fix the problem. Since the Biden administration is ready to welcome anyone who gets in, Ducey is doing what he can to make sure that fewer people actually get across the U.S. border.

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