As Title 42 Ends, Biden Rushes To Flood the Country With Illegals From Coast to Coast

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Michael O'Keene /
Michael O’Keene /

President Biden has been trying to flood this nation with illegal immigrants since he took office and now as Title 42 ends, he is ramping up efforts to make up for lost time. This public health directive was great for keeping illegals out of the country and sending them back home. Now with this out of the way as well as quietly admitting all of this was a hoax, Biden is ready to go full steam ahead.

While providing testimony to the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Thursday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was compelled to admit what Biden’s next plans for these illegals are. Using taxpayer money, he intends to use non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to fly and bus illegals across the country into American communities.

This response from DHS and Bide comes as a federal judge struck down Title 42, and rather than appeal the verdict Mayorkas asked for five weeks to end it and implement the latest agency plans. As Mayorkas confirmed, that plan is part of the Biden agenda to turn the border into a checkpoint as illegals spread across the country, and not something to keep undesirables out.

According to Mayorkas “What we are doing is precisely what we announced we would do in April of this year, and we have been executing on the plan. We are seeking to bolster the capacity of non-profit organizations. State and local officials are working very closely with them.” Under this plan, DHS would see a massive surge in taxpayer-funded NGOs.

Groups like Jewish Family Services and Catholic Charities have been contracted by the agency to help bus and fly the illegals into various American communities.

The DHS plan is calculated in its intentions. “We are bolstering the capacity of NGOs to receive noncitizens after they have been processed. Our goal is to help communities alleviate the pressures they experience by expanding NGO capacity… NGOs will be present as well to provide legal orientation services and onward transportation for those low-risk individuals who are ultimately released on ATD.”

Providing illegals with assistance like legal assistance to fight deportation orders and gain asylum is the backbone of the Biden 4-year plan. If he can flood the country with enough of them, he can swing elections. While they would need to become citizens to vote in the Presidential election, many municipalities are now allowing illegals to have a say in local voting.

Knowing full well what party brought them into this great country would greatly swing future elections. The effects of this project will be felt across the American landscape for decades. According to sources close to Biden, he sees this as a way to help provide for workers for businesses who have a hard time staying fully staffed, and to make up for the steep decline in the American-born birth rate.

Since Biden took office, his Catch and Release policy has seen roughly 5.5 million encounters along the southern border, with about 1.4 million being released into American communities since February 2021.

Currently, the US-Mexico border has Biden’s DHS rolling out the red carpet for approximately 6,200 illegal aliens per day. In contrast, when title 42 ends experts are expecting 500,000 (about the population of Atlanta) to pass over the border per month.

As it stands now Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) is expecting 30,000 border crossers and illegal aliens per day once Title 42 comes to an end per an exclusive interview with Breitbart.

Additionally, in Tijuana, Mexico there are reports of 6,000 foreign nationals ready to rush the border when Title 42 is officially over. These people are not coming to America to help the country. They are not the doctors, lawyers, or even athletes that many on the left want you to think of. Those people come here legally.

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