Biden Administration Drops the Ball on Supply Chain Crisis

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The Biden administration is very good at creating problems; however, when it comes to engendering solutions and stopping crises, this White House is completely out of its depth.

Evidence of this couldn’t be plainer. Biden created the border crisis when he eliminated the policies former President Trump had in place; then, after the border erupted with mass migrants, drug traffickers, and other criminals, Biden did nothing.

This comes on top of the president causing an inflation crisis with his disastrous fiscal reforms and leaving Americans stranded in Afghanistan; the latter is due to Biden’s bad judgment on foreign policy.

No matter how you roll the dice, the Biden administration is a failure. Over the weekend, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg informed the nation that the current supply chain crisis will not stop anytime soon, per Newsmax.

Buttigieg on America’s Supply Chain Crisis

During a CNN interview over the weekend, the Transportation Secretary declared current struggles with the supply chain crisis are going to maintain beyond 2021. According to Buttigieg, ports are going to keep being clogged for the foreseeable future.

Therefore, Americans should prepare themselves now for challenges as the holiday shopping season gets closer and closer. Buttigieg also professed the White House is “re-evaluating” various options to do away with bottlenecks. However, the situation, as of now, is not good.

Later, the Transportation Secretary attempted to pivot and turn the supply chain crisis into a matter of demand for goods. Buttigieg declared due to high demand for various products, shipping and transportation resources are struggling to keep up accordingly.

Economists have confirmed that due to the supply chain crisis being what it is, the economy will continue wrestling with challenges. This means inflation is not going anywhere and prices for goods and services will keep on getting higher.

Dereliction of Duty

The reality of the supply chain is yet another thing to add to the list of problems in the nation under the Biden administration. It speaks volumes about the immense dereliction of duty on Buttigieg’s end and on the end of the Biden administration as a whole.

Americans are watching what’s happening. They’re also listening to the pathetic excuses coming from officials who are supposed to be leading the United States. Apparently, the supply chain crisis is what the 46th president believes falls under the umbrella of building back better.

Amid the projections of more inflation, higher prices, and a supply chain nightmare, the Biden administration is pushing for legislation that would significantly increase taxes on middle-class America.

Are you surprised to learn the supply chain crisis and inflation won’t be ending anytime soon? How do you believe this will impact Democrats going into the 2022 midterms? We’d like your insight and feedback in the comments area below.

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