Biden Administration Pushes for Dangerous Abortion Pills to be Widely Accessible

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The Biden Administration’s Food and Drug Administration (FCA) relaxed safety regulations on dangerous chemical abortion pills last December, and now they are available online and by mail without an in-person visit with a doctor.

There is data that has been released that indicates these pills are much more dangerous than surgical abortion. Information has also revealed that the FDA used incomplete data when they decided to relax the safety regulations.

Last week, it was made clear that “Aid Access” is a Dutch international group that sends over chemical abortion pills where it’s illegal to get them. They have figured out how to get through a legal gray area and maintain that they follow the law. The truth is that the laws are difficult to enforce and people are rarely prosecuted for doing what “Aid Access” is doing.
They are claiming that abortion pills are “effective and low risk.”

But an article released by the Charlotte Lozier Institute found that visits to the emergency room following a chemical abortion increased by 507 percent from 2002 to 2015.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute is a project of Susan B. Anthony’s Pro-Life America. Katie Glenn, the SBA Pro-Life America State Policy Director, said, “chemical abortion has significantly higher complication rates than other methods and these increase with each week of gestation.”

Other studies indicate 10 percent of women face incomplete abortions at 9 weeks gestation. This can lead to death from infection from remaining fetal parts or tissue that are not sufficiently removed.

Some believe that this method carries four times the complications of surgical abortions, and side effects include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, fever/chills, and headaches. The bleeding may last for weeks after the abortion.

“We have to recognize this for what it is – international companies are profiting off of the death of children in the womb and are putting vulnerable women at risk in the process. This dangerous market is the next frontier of the abortion landscape, and pro-lifers everywhere must take note,” said Chelsey Youman, the national legislative advisor for Human Coalition Action.
Youman also warned that women can order the pill over the internet without consulting any doctor and this opens them up to dangerous risks that include hemorrhaging. She said that women and children deserve better than this.

On a website titled: “This is Chemical Abortion,” Students for Life of America (SFLA) give details about the procedure. The site describes how a woman gives birth to an unborn child at home without any professional supervision. SFLA declares that the abortion industry is outraged because they will no longer have the profit that came from people getting abortion surgery. So now their backup plan is a reckless distribution of chemical abortion pills, according to a statement from Kristi Hamrick, SFLAs’s chief media & policy strategist.

One of the most unbelievable responses to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade is that some abortionists are providing these pills illegally before a woman is even pregnant. An FDA spokesperson that wanted to remain anonymous said that the FDA is concerned about the advance prescribing of mifepristone and that it is not approved for an advanced provision of medical abortion. It has been reported that the FDA knows how dangerous these drugs are which is why they have kept safeguards on them for more than two decades.

Hamrick said the FDA should exercise its enforcement authority to penalize any provider who is violating its rules and putting women in danger. She said that this is not medicine–it’s ideologically-driven abortion on demand.

Chelsey Youman is warning that the Biden Administration is pushing to make these pills as widely accessible as possible, and she thinks that is “unconscionable.” She is calling for federal legislation to hold these international pill providers accountable.

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