Biden ATTACKS America — Hypocrisy To The Max

by admin

 President Joe Biden has given another worrying and divisive speech, this time labeling the US as a country with a long tradition of hate. It’s the second time in less than a month Biden has launched a bizarre attack on huge swathes of the American people. Is this a troubling new agenda or more evidence of mental decline?

On September 15, just two weeks after Biden delivered a menacing speech aimed at “MAGA Republicans” while backlit by sinister red lighting and flanked by Marines, he spoke to the United We Stand summit at the White House. In an ironic contrast with the event’s name, Biden chose to claim that US history is scarred by “a through line of hate” — and once again singled out supporters of former President Donald Trump.

In the course of his rant, Biden managed to mention the Ku Klux Klan, genocide of Native Americans, and slavery. He linked Trump to the Charlottesville riots and claimed that, in the US, hate “only hides.”

Buried under the apocalyptic claims, Biden then gave some clues as to what he’s aiming for. Revealing plans to crack down on social media companies, he talked about “counter exploitation of the internet” — which sounds an awful lot like online propaganda. Biden claims he wants to unify the country, but his last two speeches have swerved off in a very different direction.

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